The GX720 also has support for full 7.1 channel surround sound S/PDIF output.

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The GX720 is a 17" gaming laptop from MSI marketed towards gamers who want fast processors and dedicated videocards for churning out the highest attainable FPS in their favourite games. Featuring the latest in Intel Core 2 Duos and 2GB of fast DDR2 800MHz ram - a fitting amount, unlike the GX620's 512MB/1GB options - the GX720 also has support for full 7.1 channel surround sound S/PDIF output. The graphics on the machine are driven by the new nVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT, with 512MB of dedicated VRAM. Specifically built for gaming, this system is not recommended for regular consumers, as it is destined to have shorter-than-average battery life, generate a lot of heat and weigh more than a laptop built for other purposes. For gamers however, the GX620 offers much better control over the system's performance and thermal output/energy drain than any previous gaming laptop, with special power saving and overclocking abilities which can be applied in real time without the need to reboot.

  • Platform: Centrino, Intel C2D
  • Graphics: 17" Widescreen (1280 x 800) powered by the NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT (512MB dedicated)
  • Network connectivity: 802.11b/g/n WLAN Card, Gigabit Ethernet, 56k Modem, optional bluetooth
  • I/O & Expansion: Graphics Card Output (15-pin, D-Sub) X 1, USB2.0 Port X 2, Mic-in Port X 1, Headphone Output X 1, Modem Port X 1, LAN Port X 1, PCI Express Card X 1, eSATA X 1, HDMI X 1
  • Battery: 6-cell or 9-cell
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