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The GT780DXR is a laptop computer from MSi that offers a step-up from the company's GT683DXR model.

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keyboard is very comfortable to work with, great response

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so much RAM the system is very future-proof

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doesn't flex even if you press down hard on it

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can run games on high settings smoothly, fantastic graphics processing power

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webcam gets detailed, clear video in high definition

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more than enough storage even for power users

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multi-tasks multiple applications, browsers with complete ease

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The GT780DXR is a laptop computer from MSi that offers a step-up from the company's GT683DXR model. Fitted with a 17.3-inch widescreen LCD display capable of playing back full 1080p HD content, this model is marketed towards PC gamers who require a powerful, feature-rich device. Intel's Core i7 processor is included to provide speeds of up to 2.9GHz, with a 64-bit copy of Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed for the user's convenience. In-game visuals are driven by the Nvidia GeForce GTX discrete graphics chipset, natively supporting Microsoft DirectX 11 rendering for optimal realism. Internal hard drive space is available in 1 and 1.5-terabyte denominations, with 12 and 16-gigabyte DDR3 memory bays for powerful multitasking and lag-free online gameplay. Developed in conjunction with Steelseries, the GT780DXR's keyboard is engineered to support rapid-fire keystrokes and features a fully-customizable color backlight with 5 different scene modes available. Dynaudio Premium Sound technology has been implemented to provide high-quality audio without having to use an external speaker set, providing digital surround sound via THX TruStudio Pro for clear, bass-heavy sound reproduction. The laptop also features one-touch over-clocking for safe reliability during intensive gaming scenarios, with exclusive Cooler Boost technology preventing any hardware or software damage that may be caused by overheating. A Blu-Ray disc drive is included for HD movie viewing on the go, and a 720p webcam is installed for videoconferencing needs. 

  • Matte black aesthetic with orange LED highlighting 
  • 17.3-inch widescreen HD LCD display
  • Intel Core i7 processor 
  • Nvidia GeForce discrete graphics chipset 
  • MSi Cooler Boost technology 
  • Dynaudio Premium Sound speakers 
  • 1.0 and 1.5TB hard drive options 
  • USB 3.0 connectivity 
  • Built-in 720p webcam
  • 12 and 16GB memory options 
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