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The MSi CR650 is a laptop designed for HD video viewing and gaming duties.

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affordable price point

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respectable onboard graphics - capable of light gaming and full HD media playback

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good quality speakers

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too slow for heavier multitaskers

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bulky and heavy (5.3 pounds)

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poor battery life - two hours shorter than 11.6" models powered by the same APU processor

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poor keyboard layout - full number pad cuts into what otherwise would be a standard keyboard, undersized right shift, squeezed in direction keys

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tiny trackpad

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cheap looking glossy black plastic enclosure

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low 1366 x 768px resolution display - the same as similarly priced 11.6" laptops!

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The MSi CR650 is a laptop designed for HD video viewing and gaming duties. The processor is an AMD Dual Core E350 Fusion APU, which runs graphics on the same die with a Radeon HD 6310. This combination is enough to display HD video on the 15.6 inch screen without stuttering, and the DDR3 RAM is fast enough to handle moderate gaming duties. A DVD drive is built into the base model, and the hard drive capacity ranges from 250 to 500 Gigabytes. An HD webcam is built into the bezel for quick teleconferencing, and Windows 7 Home Premium is installed. The built-in speakers are capable of SRS sound quality as well. Power is drawn from a 6-cell battery for longer periods of time between recharges.

  • 15.6 in screen
  • AMD Dual Core E-350 Fusion APU
  • Radeon HD 6310 onboard graphics
  • DVD drive
  • 6-cell battery
  • HD webcam
  • SRS sound speakers
  • 250, 320, or 500GB hard drive
  • DDR3 RAM
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
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