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The X58M from MSi is a middle-end motherboard.

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One of only a few microATX boards based on Intel's x58 chipset.

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Mostly well laid out--easy to access SATA ports with two GPUs installed.

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Comes included with a good batch of accessories: 4 locking SATA cables, front panel quick connect blocks.

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Very reasonably priced for an x58 motherboard with both CrossFireX and SLI support.

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Northbridge runs a little hot even with everything at stock speeds.

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BIOS layout is a bit counterintuitive, takes some getting used to

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PCI-E x1 slot is placed very closely to the main PCI-E x16, meaning anything put there will get blasted with hot air from a GPU, overheating both components.

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Not capable of overclocking very well at all.

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The X58M from MSi is a middle-end motherboard. It shares similar features with another MSi motherboard, the X58A-GD65. Both motherboards can serve as chargers for iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad devices, both can use APS technology (which allows electricity to be used more efficiently), and both have an Easy OC switch (allows for higher CPU performance). However, the X58M lacks the military grade components of the X58A-GD65, making it have a shorter lifespan, and be less efficient. The X58 features MSi M-Flash technology, which allows the BIOS to be booted from a USB drive, in case the original BIOS crashes. This saves the user the time and effort to go and replace the BIOS chip. It also features Live Update 4, a software utility that can automatically check and update the BIOS, drivers, and utilities. This saves the user the time of doing it manually, and reduces the chance of mistakenly downloading malicious software.

  • Can charge iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad
  • APS technology
  • Easy OC switch
  • MSi M-flash
  • All solid capacitors
  • Live Update 4
  • Up to 24GB of DDR3 RAM
  • Six DIMM slots
  • One PCI slot
  • Socket 1366
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