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The X58A-GD65 is a high-end motherboard manufactured by MSi.

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BIOS allows for multiple profiles.

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SATA ports face sideways, keeping cables out of the way of expansion cards.

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PCI-E slots are well laid-out, reducing the chance of CrossFire setups overheating.

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Packaged with a sticker over the RAM slots specifying which slots to use when using only 3 RAM sticks.

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Included documentation is sparse and unhelpful, as is BIOS information.

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RAM is clocked to 1066 MHz by default, requiring BIOS tweaking to unlock 1333 MHz sticks.

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Each SATA controller shows its own info screen during boot up, making boots take longer.

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The X58A-GD65 is a high-end motherboard manufactured by MSi. It is similar to another one of MSi's motherboards, the X-58 Pro-E. They share many features, including DrMOS technology (which saves power and lowers temperature), and APS technology (causes electricity to be used more efficiently). However, the X58A-GD65 has an advantage, as it uses military grade components. Military grade components not only run cooler and quieter, but also give a long lifespan and very stable components. It also features ATI CrossFireX technology, which allows a user to plug in up to two ATI graphics cards into the motherboard. By doing this, the motherboard can have up to 2.7x faster performance than if it was using a single graphics cards, providing a smooth, and detailed experience.

  • DrMOS technology
  • APS technology
  • Military grade components
  • Long lifespan
  • ATI CrossFireX technology
  • USB 3.0 ports
  • MSI M-Flash technology
  • MSI Live Update
  • Easy OC switch
  • Live Update 4
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