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MSi's X58 Pro-E is a high-end motherboard.

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manual is well-written and does a good job covering all the functions

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socket placements make sense, help to avoid wire clutter or boards crowding each other

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sound on the board is high-definition and well rendered

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components all seat very securely and easily

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offers enough ports for most people's needs

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BIOS allows for a lot of overclocking, easy to work with

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can reset and clear the CMOS with buttons right on the board

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MSi's X58 Pro-E is a high-end motherboard. It shares many features with the X58-M, another motherboard manufactured by MSi. Certain features, such as functioning as a charger for the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad, all solid capacitors (which prolong the life of the motherboard), and the Easy OC switch (gives higher level CPU performance) are common amongst both motherboards. Despite sharing many features, the X58 Pro-E has an advantage over the X58-M, as it contains many more features. These features include DrMOS technology, which conserves power during operation. It also lowers the temperature of the motherboard, and can provide a high quality power transfer to safely overclock a CPU. It also features an all shielded choke (the component that regulates power current). By shielding the choke, power core loss is reduced, and also stores energy longer at a higher frequency, making it more efficient.

  • Functions as charger for iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad
  • All solid capacitors
  • Easy OC switch
  • DrMOS technology
  • All shielded choke
  • ATI CrossFireX technology
  • M-connectors
  • M-flash
  • Live Update 4
  • Norton Internet Security 2009 60 day trial included
Model Variations
  • X58 Pro-E USB3 - Contains the same features as the original model, but adds two USB 3.0 ports.
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