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The MSi P41-C31 is a low-cost motherboard built in an ATX form factor.

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value - competitively priced for a full ATX motherboard

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includes many MSI exclusive utilities in the box

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based on the aging LGA775 CPU socket

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limited to 4GB of memory

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poor RAM support - some modules might not be compatible at higher speeds

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not backwards compatible with DDR2 memory

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boring design - not very visually appealing

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lots of PCI and PCI-e 1x slots - most users won't need them

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The MSi P41-C31 is a low-cost motherboard built in an ATX form factor. This board has integrated video, audio and network support, but the limited amount of memory and small number of expansion slots make it a poor choice for enthusiasts. It features a USB 2.0 controller that can handle up to 8 ports, although only 4 are built in by default. There are 2 DIMM slots for up to 4GB of SDRAM, and 2 PCI-E slots. Video is handled by an integrated Intel G41 chipset, and audio runs through a Realtek chipset with 8-channel processing. Gigabit ethernet connections can be achieved through the built in RJ45 LAN jack.

  • ATX form factor
  • Supports Intel LGA775 CPUs
  • Integrated video: Intel G41 Chipset
  • USB 2.0 controller, up to 8 ports
  • 4 SATA II ports
  • 2 DIMM SDRAM slots, 4GB Max 
  • 1 PCI Express x16 slot, 2 PCI Express x1 slots, 3 32-bit v2.3 master PCI bus slots
  • Integrated audio: Realtek ALC889 / ALC888S, 8-channel audio with jack sensing
  • LAN 10/100/1000 Fast Ethernet by Realtek 8111DL
  • PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, Serial port (COM 1), 6 in 1 audio jack, 4 x USB 2.0 ports, RJ45 LAN jack
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