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The MSi NF980-G65 is an ATX format motherboard with support for AMD CPUs in AM3 format.

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very fast board overall, good communication between components

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runs cool even when fully loaded and pushed hard

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will run 2-way or 3-way SLI smoothly for very fast graphics processing

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plenty of room for expansion in all areas

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install disk gets continually interrupted by "found-new-hardware" popups

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BIOS needs to be flashed right away to avoid a number of bugs

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only supports SLI if the cards are exactly the same, no mixing

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user manual is overly simplified and misses a lot of details

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lots of conflicts with different video cards, pretty picky

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The MSi NF980-G65 is an ATX format motherboard with support for AMD CPUs in AM3 format. Like the MSi NF750-G55 it supports AMD CPUs and uses NVIDIA for onboard video support. In this case the NVIDIA nForce 980a chipset is used for increased speed, and SLI support is still used to allow multiple video processors to be connected in tandem to share graphics processing load. While an extra PCI-E x16 slot has been added since the MSi NF750-G55, the eSATA port has been removed in favor of 6 SATA II ports. 4 DDR3 DIMM slots allow up to 16GB of memory to be added, and both audio and network connectivity are integrated. In addition to USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire port is also available. 

  • ATX Form Factor
  • AM3 CPU slot, supports AMD Phenom II, Athlon II, Phenom with AM3 package
  • HyperTransport 3.0 bus, up to 2.6GHz
  • NVIDIA nForce 980a SLI single chipset
  • Supports Dual DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600/1800/2133 (OC)
  • 4 DDR3 DIMMs, up to 16GB
  • 3 PCI Express x16, 2 PCI Express x1 slots, 2 PCI slots
  • 6 SATA II ports
  • SATA II 1~6 support RAID 0/ 1/ 0+1 /5 or JBOD mode
  • Integrated Audio: Realtek ALC889, 8-channel audio with jack sensing
  • 10/100/1000 Fast Ethernet by Realtek 8211CL
  • IEEE1394/FireWire 
  • PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, 6 in 1 audio jack, 4 x USB 2.0 ports, RJ45 LAN jack, IEEE 1394 port, DVI-D port, Graphic Card port, HDMI port
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