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The MSi H57M-ED65 is a motherboard built by MSi with a variety of features.

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flexible design can handle a number of different setups

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has a number of overclocking options that are easy to work with

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ideal for gamers building a high-performance machine

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has a great style with nice visual touches that look great in a transparent case

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stays cool even under heavy load

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manual doesn't have a lot of information, need to already have some experience when you get this

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on-board sound is prone to stuttering under heavy loads, but there are no PCI slots to replace it

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The MSi H57M-ED65 is a motherboard built by MSi with a variety of features. It can support Intel i3/i5/i7 based processors and offers an Intel H57 chipset. This motherboard supports a maximum of 16GB of SDRAM and supports dual channel mode. This particular model is LAN capable and offers ports for a variety of features such as the keyboard, mouse, 4 USB ports, audio jack, HDMI port, LAN jack, and many more. The MSi H57M0ED65 is equipped with loss-less content protection technology with full-rate audio enjoyment from Blu-ray disc, supporting 7.1 channel playback.

  • motherboard
  • supports Intel i3/i5/i7 based processors
  • Intel H57 chipset
  • supports a maximum of 16GB SDRAM
  • supports dual channel mode
  • LAN capable with ports for keyboard, mouse, USB (4), audio jack, HDMI, etc.
  • loss-less content protection technology
  • full rate audio enjoyment from Blu-ray disc and supports 7.1 channel playback
  • Live Update 4 automatically installs updates for you
  • 8mm extra thick heatpipe, for 50 degree C lower temperature
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