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The Big Bang-Xpower is a high-end motherboard manufactured by MSi.

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Included audio card is well ahead of audio cards that similar motherboards offer, it has THV TruStudio PC and Creative EAX support

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Good design, well placed components, results in better thermal management

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Excellent overclocking abilities, allows users to get the most out of their hardware

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Competitive price tag, it is in the same price bracket as most premium boards, but offers features similar to that of a highend enthusiasts board

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The OC dashboard breakout box feels cheap, touch sensitive buttons are annoying to deal with

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Does not include Nvidia NF200 IC, meaning no support for Quad SLI

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Some of the highend features will only appeal to a small number enthusiasts, for those who don't need them, you are better off saving abit of money

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The Big Bang-Xpower is a high-end motherboard manufactured by MSi. It has several similarities to another MSi motherboard, the X58 Pro-E. Both motherboards have DrMOS technology (conserves power and lowers temperature), both use ATI CrossFireX technology (uses two graphics cards to enhance visuals), and both use M-connectors (makes it easy to connect front and chassis cable. The Big Bang-Xpower has many advantages over the X58 Pro-E, as it includes many more features. These include Quantum Wave audio processing, and OC Genie technology. Qunatum Wave audio processing combines THX pro studio pro with normal software. The OC Genie is a chip that analyzes the computer, then overclocks it according to the settings they set. It can overclock the CPU in a single second. This saves the user a lot of time, and energy.

  • DrMOS technology
  • ATI CrossFireX technology
  • M-converters
  • Quantom wave audio processing
  • OC Genie
  • Hi-C cap
  • Super ferrite choke
  • Superpipe
  • Military grade components
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