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The Big Bang Trinergy is a high-end motherboard from MSi.

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Updating the BIOS is a very simple, painless process.

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Northbridge heatsink is very efficient, keeps everything cool even when overclocking.

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Excellent onboard audio--Quantum Wave audio processing, THX Tru-Studio Pro technology, etc.

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Proprietary Hydra Engine technology allows you to pair two dissimilar GPUs.

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BIOS offers plenty of settings for beginners and more advanced users.

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OC Genie works like a charm--just press a button and wait a few seconds to achieve the highest stable CPU overclock possible with your processor.

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Dual PCI-E x16 lanes that actually run at x16/x16 in CrossFireX/SLI configurations.

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Lacks some of the more advanced features standard on newer motherboards, namely USB 3.0 and SATA III.

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Much pricier than similar alternatives.

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The Big Bang Trinergy is a high-end motherboard from MSi. It shares similar features with another MSi motherboard from the same series, the Big Bang Fuzion. Both motherboards feature OC Genie technology (which allows a CPU to be easily overclocked) as well as SuperPipe technology (uses an 8mm heat-pipe to lower the temperature by 50C). However, the Big Bang Trinergy lacks one of the important features from the Big Bang Fuzion: the Hydra Engine, which lets a user install multiple graphics cards from different manufacturer's, and have them work in conjunction with each other. The Big Bang Trinergy features Quantum Wave audio processing, which combines the THX Tru-Studio Pro and Eax Advanced HD technologies. This provides the user with highly realistic and powerful audio. It also features DrMOS technology, a power component that is 400% faster than other MOSFET power components. It enables not only high computing performance, but it also helps save energy. As well as these, the Big Bang Trinergy features a V-Switch, which lets the user adjust the voltage of the motherboard. It also allows them to break their voltage limitation without modifying their hardware.

  • OC Genie technology
  • SuperPipe technology
  • Quantum Wave audio processing
  • THX Tru-Studio Pro technology
  • Eax Advanced HD technology
  • DrMOS technology
  • V-Switch
  • Socket 1156
  • Supports Intel Core i5/i7 CPUs
  • Four DIMM slots
  • Supports up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM
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