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The MSi Big Bang Fuzion is a high-end motherboard.

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good range of build options, can make an extreme high-end system with this

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sturdy construction, feels solid and free of flex when you mount it in the case

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extremely fast interface between the different components, makes boot-up time much faster

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overclocking is very easy and intelligently rendered in the BIOS

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good diagnostics for tracking down random conflicts

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generates very little heat while in operation

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price puts it out of reach for many people

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The MSi Big Bang Fuzion is a high-end motherboard. It is similar to another motherboard from MSi, the Big Bang Trinergy, as certain features are shared between the two. Both motherboards use Quantum Wave audio processing (delivers realistic audio) and both use OC Genie technology (allows an CPU to be overclocked easily). However, the Big Bang Fuzion has a feature the Big Bang Trinergy lacks: the Hydra Engine. The Hydra Engine allows a user to install GPUs from other manufacturers, and have them work in conjunction with each other. The Big Bang Fuzion features 100% c-cap technology. It ensures longer operation in extreme conditions, and also enhances the stability of the system. It also features SuperPipe technology, which reduces the temperature down by 50C. It does this by adding an 8mm heat-pipe. As well as these, the motherboard features THX Tru-Studio PC technology, which helps the Quantum Wave audio process sound more realistic. 

  • Quantom Wave audio technology
  • OC Genie
  • Hydra Engine
  • 100% c-cap technology
  • SuperPipe technology
  • THX Tru-Studio PC technology
  • Dr. MOS
  • Live Update 4
  • V-switch
  • ATI CrossfireX
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