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The MSi VN220GT-MD512 is a lower-end desktop graphics card based on the NVIDIA GeForce GT 220.

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Has the same extra features as more expensive models, PhysX, CUDA, and PureVideo HD, adds to the value of this budget product

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Low purchase cost, and low running costs due to the efficient 40nm core

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Quiet fan and good cooling, good for media PC bulids

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Has HDMI, VGA< and DVI outputs, everything a HTPC builder will need

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Simple to setup, plug and play, Windows 7 will acquire the correct drivers in no time

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It is not low profile, will not fit into small builds

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Not for gamers, will only be suitable for older games, casual gamers looking to play newer titles should look towards the GT240

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The MSi VN220GT-MD512 is a lower-end desktop graphics card based on the NVIDIA GeForce GT 220. The 40nm card supports DirectX 10.1 and an HDMI output. It is mostly identical to the N220GT-MD512, but utilizes superior, DDR2 memory. Nevertheless, 512 MB of memory is limiting, and may not allow adequate performance in demanding games. The card's core clock runs at 625 MHz, but it supports overclocking via "Afterburner" and MSi DOT Express technology. Other MSi products based on the GeForce GT 220 offer significantly higher memory and core clock speeds, as does the original NVIDIA product itself. NVIDIA PhysX enables complex in-game physics, while the NVIDIA Lumenex engine and 128-bit HDR support enhanced lighting effects. The card lacks major features available with higher-end graphics cards, however, including support for 3D video or multiple GPUs.

  • 512MB DDR2 memory
  • 810MHz memory clock
  • 625MHz core clock
  • 40nm manufacturing
  • 400 RAMDACs
  • DirectX 10.1
  • OpenGL 3.1
  • PCI Express 2.0
  • HDMI/DVI/D-sub outputs
  • NVIDIA PhysX
  • GigaThread technology
  • NVIDIA Lumenex engine
  • 16x anti-aliasing
  • 128-bit HDR lighting
  • NVIDIA PureVideo HD
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