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Large dog owners know that a lifetime of jumping damages hips, backs and other joints.

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Large dog owners know that a lifetime of jumping damages hips, backs and other joints, but until now the selection in pet ramps have always been compromises. Now the Smart Ramp does it all with safety, versatility and ease-of-use. Most important of all, pets will feel truly confident on Smart Ramp Junior because it provides secure footing with OSHA-approved materials. There's no slipping, sliding, bounce or sway to scare them off, yet Smart Ramp is still amazingly light at just 10 pounds. And Smart Ramp Junior is thoughtfully designed to protect your hands, their paws and expensive car finishes from scrapes and pinches.

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  • Shur-Foot tread material is the same material as OSHA requires for indoor/outdoor pedestrian safety
  • High profile curbing keep unsteady pets securely on track
  • Non-slip feet at both ends keep ramp in place
  • Vet-recommended
  • Extra wide 20-inch width and 40-inch long weighs just 10-pound
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  • Telescoping
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This short ramp works for up to what height?

    Between 30 - 40cm it is quite stable without the need for fastening it to the floor.
    20 - 30cm or 40 - 55cm would need some fixing underneath to keep it stable, or at least some good rubber stoppers.

  • How much weight can it support?

    I am sure it can support above than 85 lbs. It's pretty sturdy.

  • If you do not extend this fully to 70", how well does it hold its position?

    It would be OK. Extending it less will, of course, make the ramp steeper. The sliding feature is such that as you extend it, it is stable in all positions. There is always a lot of friction between the two pieces. It does take some force to extend the ramp. There is no "locking position" when it is fully extended.

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