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It featuring a rubber-dipped nGroove blade for even better stability.

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Mountek’s fifth-generation evolution of its proven classic, the nGroove Grip, featuring a rubber-dipped nGroove blade for even better stability. Safely and securely mount your smartphone, GPS, satellite radio, MP3 player and more in your vehicle with a swiveling, lock-grip mount that fits into your CD slot or dashboard groove without any suction cups, clips or adhesives. Ideally calibrated to snugly fit without damaging your vehicle. Firmly mounts most cell phones, including the new iPhone 6 & 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge.

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  • The MT5000-E: Mountek's 5th iteration of its popular nGroove Grip CD slot mount. Now with a rubber dipped nGroove blade for better grip!
  • Firmly mounts cell phones, satellite radios, GPS units, MP3 players and more
  • Inserts into front loading CD player slot, where device controls are easily accessible by the driver
  • Requires NO suction cups, NO clips, NO screws, NO adhesives or glue
  • nGroove Grip design allows the MT5000-E to fit thin grooves found in autos, planes, boats & other crafts
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Simple Installation

1. Slide blade into CD slot

Slide nGroove blade into front loading cd slot or dashboard groove, then turn tightening knob clockwise until mount holds securely.

2. Release device grips

Press button located at the top of cradle and device grips will spring open.

3. Place device and squeeze

Secure device in cradle by gently squeezing grips together.

4. Removable device rest

Device rest may be removed to allow access to a charge port or to mount a device horizontally. *See example pic at end of product description.

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Safety Starts with You!

nGroove mounts are designed specifically for CD slots or dashboard grooves, the optimal mounting location for driver accessibility and traffic law compliance. When using GPS devices, set your destination address first before starting the car, so that you can give the road your full attention. Thank you for refraining from texting until you're safely parked.

*User discretion is advised for mounting tablets of any size to SNAP series mounts. All vehicle CD slots and dashboard grooves are different across manufacturers and car models. Make sure mount installation holds firmly with no movement before attaching a large device, such as a full-size iPad or Galaxy tablet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the mount hold a phone in side ways?

    The phone goes into the mount with a portrait orientation. Once the phone is in the mount you can swivel the mount so the phone is viewed in either portrait or landscape. So the left arm of the mount clamp will always be in contact with the left edge of the phone. And simiarlarly right with right. But the mount swivels so you can view the screen however you prefer.

  • When it sits in the CD slot, how does it prevent itself from falling out?

    The mount has a screw which openes/closes 2 plastic flaps. The flaps are shown straight in the product image and not opened up. It essentially uses the pressure exerted from the opened flaps to keep it in place. It doesn't "sound" secure, but stays in very well.

  • What is the top and bottom on this mount or is it reversible?

    Yes, can mount it both ways.

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