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The Motorola Clutch i465 is an iDEN-based mobile candybar phone available from either Sprint Nextel or Boost Mobile.

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QWERTY keyboard makes messaging easy

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Display is easy to see, crisp and clear.

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Speakerphone is easily heard.

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Wired headset jack works better in noisy environments than bluetooth.

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Programming for Boost version is riddled with flaws. Phone resets, and contacts dissapear.

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Bluetooth does not function well in noisy environments while trying to use direct connect function.

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Talk time is very low due to battery capacity.

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Phone is designed for people with small fingers. Big fingers make it so you hit the wrong buttons.

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Hard to find cases to protect phone.

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Paint on keys rubs off after regular use.

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Display scratches very easily.

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IDEN network is not designed for Messaging or Data, so when getting messages, no calls can take place and vice versa.

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The Motorola Clutch i465 is an iDEN-based mobile candybar phone available from either Sprint Nextel or Boost Mobile. It features a somewhat small 1.79” display with a weak 160x128 resolution, comfortable and easy-to-use controls, and a compact keyboard that combines letters keys with numbers and symbols. Although the keyboard appears crowded, critics hail it as especially useful for quickly switching between typing messages and dialing numbers. Included also is built-in Bluetooth, integrated GPS, a VGA camera/camcorder, a voice-recorder, an entry-level music player, and of course, support for Boost’s walkie-talkie PTT service. The sprint version is slightly more expensive, but adds along extra features like POP3 email.

  • Mobile Candybar Phone
  • Sprint Nextel
  • Boost Mobile
  • IDEN Network
  • Small Display
  • Compact Keyboard
  • Integrated GPS
  • Video Capture/Playback
  • Audio Capture/Playback
  • Push-to-Talk Service
  • Instant Messaging
  • Bluetooth
  • Carrier: Nextel, Boost Mobile
  • Form Factor: Candybar
  • Push-to-Talk: Walkie-Talkie
  • GPS: TeleNav(Sprint); Navigator(Boost)
  • Camera: VGA Camera/Camcorder
  • Music Player: MIDI, MP3, WAV
  • Video Player: H.263
  • Bluetooth: V2.0+EDR
  • Web (Email): POP3 (Sprint)
  • Technology: iDEN
  • Frequency: iDEN 800/900 MHz
  • Display: 1.79” (128x160)
  • Memory: 20MB
  • Battery: 1130mAh
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