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The Motorola Bravo is an Android 2.1 powered smartphone.

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Above average battery life

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DLNA capabilities

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Accurate touch screen

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Fast processor, similar to that of the Motorola Droid (original)

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Good voice quality durign calls

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Good quality display

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Moto Blur UI reduces performance

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Subpar video capture quality

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No sideloading of applications (AT&T problem)

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Android 2.1 at the time of release, even though 2.2 has been out for a while

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The Motorola Bravo is one of three Android 2.1 (Éclair) powered smartphones (Bravo, Flipside, Flipout) released in late 2010 through AT&T Wireless. All three models feature both Éclair and the latest version of the MotoBlur user interface. However, unlike the Qwerty-featuring Flipside and Flipout, the Bravo features a 3.7" (480x854) touchscreen display with multi-touch functionality. Also included is an 800MHz TI OMAP 3610 CPU, DLNA support for media streaming from/to devices (PCs, TVs), and a 3MP camera with digital zoom and autofocus. Signature though is the support for remote data wipe, meaning the Bravo is a potential choice for business owners/users, though clearly not as optimal as a Blackberry or Droid Pro.

  • Android 2.1 (Éclair) Smartphone
  • Compact Frame
  • 3.7” Touchscreen Display
  • Support for Multi-Touch Gestures
  • Adobe Flash Lite-Enabled Browser
  • DLNA Compliant
  • Enhanced MOTOBLUR
  • Fully Integrated GPS Tracking
  • Support for Remote Data Wipe
  • 3MP Camera w/Zoom & Auto Focus
  • One-Touch Social Media Uploads
  • 2GB Onboard Memory
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05/08/2013 01:40

Is this phone compatible with boost mobile prepaid plans? I have upgraded and was going to give my phone to my brother. He is on the boost mobile prepaid plan. Was wanting to make sure before I got his hopes up.

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