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After 100 million units sold the Motorola RAZR is one of the most successful consumer products ever.

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High-quality finish

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Beautiful screens; extremely large outside screen

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Good standby battery life for its size

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Built more solidly than the first Razr (higher quality materials)

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Thinnest flip phone on the market (when released)

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Every touch leaves fingerprints and smudges (due to high-shine paint)

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Keypad is too reflective, making it hard to read in bright light.

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Relatively poor talk time (due in part to its extremely thin battery)

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Easy to hit wrong button (e.g. press 1, when trying to press 4)

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Internal components break easily(had for a year and about 1 week just after warrenty expires and it broke)

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After 100 million units sold the Motorola RAZR is one of the most successful consumer products ever. After three years Motorola is releasing the successor to the RAZR with the aptly named RAZR2. With this sequel Motorola is aiming to enhance and improve the fashionable device, and address many of the problems that have been identified with the RAZR.

True to its name, the RAZR2 is retaining the ultra-slim flip form factor, actually decreasing the size by a couple of millimeters. Despite the decrease in overall size, the RAZR2 features a larger external display on the top part of the phone at an increased size of 2". The display will be used for easier manipulation of media, especially music playback and control that is supported with the phone in a closed state with new external buttons on the outside. Media can be stored on the internal flash memory, or on a microSD card, which is not supported on all versions.

The inner main display also sees an upgrade to a much higher quality screen at a substantially higher resolution. 2 megapixels is the new and improved resolution for the camera, though flash and auto-focus are not supported, the lens is fixed focus, and only digital zoom is supported. Internally the phone features an improved processor which increases the overall responsiveness and allows the phone to handle more complicated video and display it at speeds up to 15 frames per second. Since the media playback, and camera functions have been beefed up, the overall interface has seen a reworking with the phone working in various "modes" that change the interface and functionality of the buttons to correspond more intuitively to which mode the phone is in.

The RAZR2 launches in July, and comes in three different versions with the main difference being the type of data and cellular network that is supported.

Motorola RAZR2 V8 (GSM/Edge) - No microSD card slot. Available in 512MB and 2GB versions. 500MHz processor.

Motorola RAZR2 V9 (HSDPA) - microSD card slot up to 2GB capacity. 128MB internal storage, and 500MHz processor.

Motorola RAZR V9m (EVDO) - microSD card slot up to 2GB capacity. 128MB internal storage, and 225MHz processor.

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09/15/2007 11:13

Beautiful phone; love everything about it so far with the exception that since I have the VZW v9m version, the phone is crippled by the annoying VZW-standardized menu... Luckily, the processor is quick enough to handle it without lag (unlike the notorious Krzr)

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