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The Motorola KRZR K3 is still slim and stylish like its predecessor, the K1.

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Improved features (3G reception, miniUSB) over previous KRZR versions

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Camera has higher resolution than similar Motorola flip phones from this period

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Better HSDPA reception than similar Motorola phones from this period

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Expanded internal memory (50MB) and expansion capacity with microSD over previous KRZRs

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Intuitive music player with well-designed menu navigation and external controls

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Sleek and compact aesthetic, thinner than RAZR cousin phone

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Video capture downgrades resolution to quite small QCIF format

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Front surface gets smudged easily from fingerprints, detracts from otherwise stylish aesthetic

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 The Motorola KRZR K3 is still slim and stylish like its predecessor, the K1. Many of its features are the same, but the K3 is 3G enabled. It still includes a 2-megapixel camera with 8x zoom, MPEG4 video capture and playback. It is capable of Internet browsing with a built-in Opera based browser. Battery life is somewhat shorter than the K1, but the internal memory has been upgraded from 20MB to 50MB. Other upgrades include voice commands and a secondary VGA camera for video calling. Overall, the KRZR K3 is a more up to date version of the K1, and fills the same role as a stylish and versatile phone enabled for the expanding 3G generation of phones.



  • Release Date: February 2007
  • 3G network enabled, HDSPA 3.6Mbps and Tri-band GSM network
  • Sleek, thin and metallic design
  • 256K color main screen, 65K color outer screen
  • mp3 player, including mp3 ringtones
  • 50MB internal memory and microSD card expansion
  • Bluetooth v2.0
  • 2-megapixel camera with video capture
  • Secondary VGA camera for video calling
  • Video (MPEG4) playback
  • SMS, EMS, MMS, e-mail, instant messaging
  • Opera (HTML 8.0) internet browser
  • T9 predictive text, organizer
  • Voice command
  • 3 hour talk time battery life
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