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The Motoactv is a combination portable audio player and fitness assistant from the Motorola company.

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black and red styling looks very sleek and impressive

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MP3 playback is easy to work with

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GPS tracking works well, gets an accurate read on the distance covered

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screen is readable in direct sunlight and at night

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Bluetooth pairing is quick and stays connected without ever dropping off

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doesn't take into account elevation changes when calculating calories burned

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battery life is poor, has less than 4 hours on it, needs to be charged every day

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USB port on the side comes loose as you run, leaves an opening for rain and sweat

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The Motoactv is a combination portable audio player and fitness assistant from the Motorola company. Functioning similarly to the Apple iPod Nano with Nike+ capabilities, this model features Wi-Fi content synchronization and a 1.6-inch touchscreen LCD display for visual referencing. Available in both 8 and 16-gigabyte models, the device is reinforced with ultra-durable Gorilla Glass and automatically adjusts brightness levels to suit a given environment. Feedback is given pertaining to time, distance, speed and calories burned, with an integrated "audio coach" to provide-spoken word encouragement and instruction. In addition to the Motoactv's simple touchscreen controllability, a number of top-mounted hard buttons are included for triggering various commands when the user is mid-excercise and doesn't want to risk damaging the unit with sweat. A convenient "Back" button is built into the device's bezel for reverting to the main screen or previous exercise/data sheet, with automatic workout results able to sync with the website where users can log on and monitor their results. A 3.5-milimeter headphone jack is included for standard headphone connectivity, with Bluetooth support enabling wireless control. 

  • Gloss black aesthetic with red highlighting 
  • Available in 8 and 16GB models 
  • 1.6-inch touchscreen LCD display 
  • Top-mounted hardware shortcut keys 
  • Spoken-word audio coaching
  • Integrated GPS radio
  • Wi-Fi synchronization 
  • Bluetooth headset compatibility 
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