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A video monitor that shows parents their sleeping baby from another room on a 3.5-inch color LCD display screen.

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It has a range of 650 feet, which is farther than many models

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It comes with a larger screen than many others, it has a great picture quality and it is in color so you can see your baby very well; you can even see your baby breathing

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You can control it remotely, including to move and zoom the camera

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It does not have a very long battery life

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It stopped working after a few months

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The Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor is a video monitor that shows parents their sleeping baby from another room on a 3.5-inch color LCD display screen. This monitor includes 2.4 GHz FHSS technology, a 25-frames-per-second refresh rate, infrared night vision, monitoring of room temperature and many additional advanced features. The camera can be zoomed, panned and tilted remotely.

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2.4GHz FHSS Technology

This technology creates a steady wireless connection with a strong range. It prevents the signal from dropping.  
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Two-Way Communication

The two-way communication makes it so that parents can hear the baby and also communicate with the baby or spouse from another room.  

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This monitor has a 3.5-inch LCD screen in full color. It also includes infrared night vision to see at night without lights. 
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It includes five built-in lullabies to help a baby fall asleep. 
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This monitor includes audio encryption for privacy and protection. 
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Light Alerts

It has five LED alerts to help the parent know what is happening in the room. 
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Room Temperature Monitor

It monitors the temperature of the room so parents can prevent the room from becoming too hot or cold. 
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Long Range

It has a far 200M range. It includes an out-of-range alarm to alert the parents if they are going too far away. 
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Optional Accessories (Sold Separately)

You have the option of adding additional cameras to see more of the room and to get a view from different angles. Additional cameras are sold separately. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you use the monitor while it's plugged into the wall so you don't have to rely on a battery?

    Yes, you can.

  • Is the Motorola Xoom charger compatible with this baby monitor?

    No, it is not.

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Compare Chart

  MBP 8 MBP 10 MBP 26 MBP 33 MBP 36 Blink1
Product Audio Audio Audio / 2.4" Color Audio / 2.8" Color Video Audio / 3.5" Color Video Audio / Mobile Device Specific Video
Wireless Technology 1.9GHz Interference Free Digital 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz WiFi Connect
Range 165 ft 900 ft 520 ft 590 ft 650 ft WiFi Connect
Out-Of-Range Alert Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Night Light Yes          
Visual Noise Level Alert Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lullaby Player       Yes Yes Yes
Room Temp Display       Yes Yes Yes
Two Way Communication     Yes Yes Yes Yes
Infrared Night Vision     Yes Yes Yes Yes
Expandable up to (Cameras)     4 4 4 4
Wall Mount (Baby Unit)     Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom       Zoom only Yes Yes
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