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The Turbine Pro is a set of high-end in-ear headphones from the Monster company.

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excellent soundstage presentation, provides a good sense of being there in the space the music is being played

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design and finish makes them look high end

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cable management system does a great job preventing the cord from getting caught on things

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percussion is realistic and clear, don't get muddy or distorted

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comes with a good variety of tips that sit securely and feel comfortable

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in general the sound is up to audiophile standards, excellent clarity and definition

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can wear them for hours comfortably

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The Turbine Pro is a set of high-end in-ear headphones from the Monster company. Utilizing an all-metal construction style for minimizing unwanted resonance, this model is available in both Gold and Copper design types. An ultra-wide bandwidth driver is included for maximum frequency preservation on all levels, with MicroStrand conductors and Monster's own FluxTube wiring technology for optimal sonic accuracy. Each earbud features an adjustable side-hook piece for positional reinforcement, helping to provide comfort and stability for those users who listen to music while exercising or travelling on foot. Five different SuperTip ear tips are provided that vary in both size and shape, ensuring that all listeners will have access to a suitable noise-isolating seal. Two different carrying cases are provided for on-the-go storage, with the larger pouch equipped to carry the Turbine Pro's range of accessories. The headphones also feature a clip-based cable management system for increased longevity with minimal tangling, alongside a right-angle headphone jack for full-confidence connectivity. 

  • Available in Gold and Copper designs
  • All-metal construction
  • SuperTip ear-tip technology 
  • Includes 5 different types of ear-tips 
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Right-angle connector 
  • Includes 2 different cases 
  • Lifetime warranty 
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