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The Beats By Dr. Dre Studio Red Sox are a pair of high-end over-ear headphones from the Monster company.

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great way to show your fandom of the Boston Red Sox

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compact design folds up well for transport

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very comfortable, rest on your head lightly and don't hurt your ears

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plenty of bass support, great for loud beats

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can handle some heavy use and not show signs of wear

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blocks out external noises almost completely

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comes with a number of interchangeable cords for different tasks - very convenient

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bass can sometimes be overwhelming and distort the mids.

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The Beats By Dr. Dre Studio Red Sox are a pair of high-end over-ear headphones from the Monster company. Designed in conjunction with the Boston Red Sox MLB franchise, this limited-edition model features the team's classic Red, White and Blue color scheme. Utilizing an advanced driver design for optimal audio reproduction, this unit is fitted with a pair of extra-large speaker drivers for clear EQ balancing with an emphasis on low-end output. Digital amplification technology helps to reduce the likelihood of distortion and overdriving when louder genres like Rock and Metal are played at high volume levels, while Monster's own Quadripole twisted-pair cable construction provides a significant reduction in signal loss for clear and consistent playback. Because the Beats By Dre. Studio models feature active noise cancellation, the unit also features an integrated muting button for one-touch external listening without having the remove the headphones. A highly-durable travel case is included for worry-free transportation, alongside an anti-microbial cleaning cloth for regular maintenance. 

  • Special edition model featuring Boston Red Sox team design 
  • Powered noise isolation technology 
  • Quadripole twisted-pair headphone cable construction 
  • Includes Monster iSoniTalk accessory for iPhone users 
  • Extra-large speaker drivers with plush ear cushions
  • Compact folding design 
  • Scratch-resistant glossy finish 
  • Push-to-listen muting button 
  • Includes rugged touring case 
  • Includes anti-microbial cleaning cloth 
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