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Mongoose's 2010 Fireball 24 is an entry-level dirt jumping bike with a 24" steel frame and front suspension.

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Quick-release seatpost offers fast, on-the-fly adjustment

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Flat-topped center tube incorporates steep incline - provides maximum crotch clearance for increased safety amongst male riders

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V-brakes provide a sharper feel than many other BMX bikes - considerable improvement in response as compared to cable discs

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Open box horizontal dropouts are highly conducive to user customization - screw-adjusted wheel carriers maintain rear mech plate for safe alterations

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Overall handling is fantastic - weight distribution is even and ergonomic

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Area above top tube has a high risk of catching the rider's foot - inexperienced riders run risk of serious injury

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Mongoose's 2010 Fireball 24 is an entry-level dirt jumping bike with a 24" steel frame and front suspension, with an overall short style geometry. Both wheel hubs have Tektro mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors. The Fireball 24 has Shimano shifters and a Shimano FT30 rear derailleur with 7-speed cassette, for a total of seven speeds since there is only one front chainring. The wheels are also 24" in diameter and the stock tires are Kenda K-905 24 x 2.3". Most of this bike's components are made of steel, which make it durable to withstand jump impacts, but also add to its weight. This bike targets beginner dirt-jumpers and/or those on a budget.

  • 24" frame
  • 24" wheelset
  • Truvativ Powerspline bottom bracket
  • 7-speed cassette
  • Shimano Ft30 rear derailleur
  • Kinda K-905 tires
  • Shimano shifters
  • Front CS 270 steel suspension
  • Steel frame
  • Steel seatpost
  • 36 tooth front chainring
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes (160mm rotors)
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12/15/2010 07:47

Hey, I'm looking to get me a new bike, but i dont want something thats gonna weigh too much, anyone know the wieght of the bike in Oz or Kg?

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