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The Mizuno MP-63 is a set of golf irons that is a popular tour iron coming with a diamond muscle design.

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shaved back edge helps a lot with turf interaction

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chrome finish looks impressive at address

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can get a straight shot hit after hit, very predictable

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size isn't too big, but large enough to make it easy to hit with

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feedback is good, can tell exactly where the ball hit on contact

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on a perfect hit the feel is smooth and buttery

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can shape a shot to whatever is required, good control

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The Mizuno MP-63 is a set of golf irons that is a popular tour iron coming with a diamond muscle design to create a blend of feel and control in the cavity.

The MP-63 comes with patented grain flow forged 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel that works to provide a soft and solid, consistent feel. These clubs come with a visable grind on the trailing edge for a precise turf interaction, delivering complete shot versatility and playability. They come with two choices of grip, either the Exclusive Mizuno grip or the Golf Pride M-21 58 Round, with other options available if the clubs are custom designed. This set also utilizes Modal analysis and Harmonic Impact Technology to optimize the sound and feel at impact.
This club set is related to the Mizuno MP-63 that has a lot of the same features but comes with an ideal turf interaction from the 360 grind top line and sole.

  • golf iron set
  • diamond muscle design
  • optimal feel and control within the cavity
  • grain flow forged 1025E pure select mild carbon steel
  • soft, sold and consistent feel
  • visable grind on trailing edge
  • ideal shot versatility and playability
  • Modal Analysis and Harmonic Impact Technology
  • ideal turf interaction
  • modified U-grooves
  • ideal spin rate
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