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The Mizuno MP-57 are a set of irons that give a solid feel with unbelievable forgiveness.

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Clean, minimalist design promotes logical engineering - lacks the flashy, gimmicky aesthetics of competitors from Nike and TaylorMade

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Handling is soft and very responsive - ideal for users struggling off-center or unfocused shots

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Cambered midsole offers true shot consistency - promotes optimal striking ability on any given lie

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Chrome-plated finish is smoothed out a the address position - minimizes glare distraction for unencumbered shots

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Reinforced "muscle pad" provides superb feel - gives users an accurate sense of how much force they are putting into their swing

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Cavity-back design significantly increases "sweet spot" - promotes forgiveness amongst inexperienced players

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Mild carbon steel material is prone to residual scratching/denting due to "bag chatter" - club covers are highly recommended

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The Mizuno MP-57 are a set of irons that give a solid feel with unbelievable forgiveness and feature Mizono's award-winning Grain Flow Forging and Cut Muscle technologies.  The Grain Flow Forged head is made from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel that provides the ultimate soft, solid, consistent feel. This is the first of Mizuno's MP irons to feature a full cavity to increase forgiveness and the innovative Cut Muscle design gives the head an ideal center of gravity (CG) location to provide perfect trajectory, enhanced solid feel, and complete ball control. The double nickel chrome plated finish gives the club good durability and the modified U-grooves produce an ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions.  The rolled leading edge, cambered mid-sole, and rolled trailing edge deliver consistent striking ability from all types of lies. The Mizuno MP-57 come in 3-9 irons and PW, and are available in RH and LH.

  • Grain Flow Forging
  • Cut Muscle technology
  • 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel head
  • Full cavity
  • Double nickel chrome plated finish
  • U-grooves
  • Rolled leading edge
  • Cambered mid-sole
  • Rolled trailing edge
  • LH and RH
  • Clubs: 3-9 irons and PW
Shaft Options
  • Dynamic Gold, Flex - R300, 127g
  • Dynamic Gold, Flex - S300, 130g
  • Dynamic Gold, Flex - S400, 132g
  • Dynamic Gold, Flex - X100, 130g
  • Exsar IS2 Tour Spec, Flex - X-Stiff, 103g
  • Exsar IS2 Tour Spec, Flex - Stiff, 103g
  • Exsar IS2 Tour Spec, Flex - Regular, 103g
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