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The Mizuno JPX-800 is a golf iron that has been engineered for maximum distance and forgiveness.

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sweet spot is fairly large, lots of forgiveness

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can handle some heavy use without scuffing up

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shots are consistently straight time after time

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overall classic shape but with some modern design touches

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very smooth feel when hitting the ball

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allow some workability when you need it

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excellent, satisfying sound when you hit it right

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The Mizuno JPX-800 is a golf iron that has been engineered for maximum distance and forgiveness, allowing you to improve your golf game.

The JPX-800 series comes with several irons (the 8-iron through to pitching wedge) that use a deep pocket cavity design that gives you a substantial forgiveness with a high penetrating trajectory. The 4 iron through to the the 7 iron come equipped with MAX COR construction. This club set also comes with a massive external power bar design on all the clubs that works to expand and extend the sweet area to maximize forgiveness across the club's face. These clubs come with an aggressive triple cut sole that allows for a consistent forgiveness no matter where your ball lies or what the playing conditions look like.
This product is related to the Mizuno JPX-800 Pro that is also a golf iron set that come with modal analysis and harmonic impact technology, but does not come constructed with the solid power bar design.

  • golf irons
  • 4-7 iron MAX COR construction
  • deep pocket cavity
  • maximum and consistent forgiveness
  • high penetrating trajectory
  • durable
  • double nickel chrome plated finish
  • modified U-grooves for ideal spin rate
  • solid power bar design
  • great control and accuracy
  • shaft availability: True Temper Dynalite Gold XP or MIZUNO Exsar IS4 Graphite
  • grip availability: Exclusive MIZUNO or Golf Pride M-21 58 Round
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