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The newly redesigned Mitsubishi Outlander makes its debut in 2007.

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Excellent automatic transmission (6-speed, Sportronic)

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Cargo room (13 cubic feet)

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Powerful engine (3.0 L, V6, 220 hp)

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Affordable pricing

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Efficient power (19/25 mpg for a V6)

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Low emission vehicle (PZEV or SULEV II)

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Great technology innovation in the Driver's seat (XLS w/Navi)

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Engine noise

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Rear seat room and comfort

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The newly redesigned Mitsubishi Outlander makes its debut in 2007. The most significant improvements over previous years are improved styling, the upgrade to a 3.0 L V6 engine capable of delivering 220 hp, and a 6-speed Sportronic automatic transmission. The previous generation was a 4-speed, with a 4 cylinder engine delivering 160 hp. Drawing inspiration from Mitsubishi's rally car expertise, the Outlander features AWD, a powerful engine, paddle shifting (XLS only), and MIVEC valve timing. (Read more about the Mitsubishi Pajero, their most successful rally car)

The Outlander is marketed as an XUV; a vehicle bringing the cargo room and off-road capabilities of an SUV, while also maintaining the size, fuel efficiency, and price of a car. The 2007 Outlander is 3 inches longer than its predecessor and includes 13 cubic feet of cargo space. Mitsubishi claims 19/25 mpg fuel efficiency for the AWD models, and 20/26 mpg for the 2WD, and a PZEV efficiency rating, although being listed as SULEV II by the U.S. Department of Energy.

It is available in three trim levels: ES, LS, and the XLS. All trim levels come equipped with front wheel drive, while the LS and XLS also include AWD and 50/50 fixed front to rear power split drive train options. The top of the line XLS model also includes third row seating that folds into a well in the trunk, allowing for up to seven passengers. Also, exclusive to the XLS is the steering-mounted paddle shifter; the ES and LS models both feature the Sportronic manually shifting as well, but located on the floor.

2007 Mitsubishi Outlander trim levels:
MSRP Details
2WD ES $21,370 3.0 L V6, 220 hp, 2WD, 6-speed AT (Sportronic), R16 wheels
2WD LS $22,410 Alloy rims
AWD LS $23,770 AWD
2WD XLS $23,650 2WD, paddle shifting, 3rd row seating, R18 wheels
AWD XLS $25,010 AWD

Key competitors for the Outlander include the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, and the Suzuki Grand Vitara. Available 8 different colors: White, Silver, Gray, Aqua, Blue, Black, Red, and Beige.

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04/09/2007 03:06

The Outlander commercial where the car shakes off the mud, and conjures up images of rally racing really worked on me.

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