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It is a 65" television to be released in 2010 as the smallest model in Mitsubishi's top-of-the-line Diamond 838 Series.

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built-in audio support is better than average, may not even need extra surround sound system

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viewing angles are good, improved over standard LCD, display is viewable up to a fairly extreme angle

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The built in VuDu works well

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TV is easy to set up and adjust the settings to your liking

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advertised "3D support" only available with the purchase of an additional adapter

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remote control is awkwardly designed and takes some time to get used to

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brightness/contrast settings are way off at first, need to be adjusted after installation, takes time

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despite high sound quality, still needs an extra subwoofer for proper bass

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noticeable delay when switching between HD channels, all providers

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The WD-65838 is a 65" television to be released in 2010 as the smallest model in Mitsubishi's top-of-the-line Diamond 838 Series of 3D DLPs. Like the 73" and 82" 838-Series models, the WD-65838 supports 1080p video and comes with 4 HDMI inputs. Like the models in the 738 Series, it supports StreamTV, enabling access to internet services like Facebook, Flickr, Vudu, and the New York Times. A USB wireless-N adapter is optional. The 838 Series adds a 16-speaker, 32W sound system with Bluetooth streaming support and a subwoofer output. It also adds an array of technologies aiming to improve picture quality, including Dark Detailer, PerfectColor, and PerfecTint. Neither the speaker system nor StreamTV were available with this model's predecessor, the WD-65837.



  • 65" DLP panel
  • 3D support
  • 1080p video
  • 5G 12-bit video processor
  • 6-Color Processor
  • StreamTV Internet Media
  • 16-speaker Immersive Sound Technology (32 W)
  • 4 HDMI ports with CEC
  • Composite (x2), component (x2) inputs
  • Optional USB wireless-N adapter
  • Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming
  • Subwoofer output
  • Dark Detailer
  • PerfectColor
  • PerfecTint
  • Smooth120
  • EdgeEnhance
  • DeepField Imager
  • ISFccc advanced video calibration
  • NetCommand
  • Brilliant/Bright/Natural/Game modes
  • Universal remote control
  • Wired IR input
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