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As part of the Diamond line of DLPs support is available for 3D glasses for compatible sources.

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Very thin profile bezel

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Once calibrated, picture is fantastic

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Detailed color and tint adjustment

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4 HDMI inputs

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Handles 1080i content better than almost any other in this class

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No 1080p support through Component inputs

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Picture out of the box is very poor, calibration is necessary

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The WD-65833 from Mitsubishi is part of its 2007 lineup of DLP projection televisions and features a 1080p native resolution and a 120Hz mode displaying on its 65" screen. Introduced in 2007 for Mitsubishi's DLPs are the inclusion of HDMI-CEC support which lets you control other home theater devices from the television itself, and handlign x.v.Color space, which allows for "richer" and "deeper" images. As part of the Diamond line of DLPs support is available for 3D glasses for compatible sources.

Key specs
  • 65" screen with a 1080p native resolution
  • Inputs: 4x HDMI 1.3 with CEC, 2xComponent, 2xRF, 2xFirewire, 1xRS-232C

The HDMI inputs can handle most image sources including 24Hz/30Hz/60Hz 1080p. However, the component inputs are limited to accepting at most 1080i content. The firewire ports are used to connected advanced set top boxes, or to connect a video camera, though many newer cameras come with HDMI out.

Controlling the other devices in your home theater setup is done through the HDMI-CEC protocol: when you connect the device to the HDMI port a menu pops up where you can pick the device from a list of names, or learn the necessary codes. After the configuration is completed the television's remote can control the device where the signals are passed through the television so you don't need to point the remote at the device itself.


There are 3 models of this television that have the exact same feature-set and only differ in display size.

  • WD-73833: MSRP-$5,899 | 73"
  • WD-65833: MSRP-$3,999 | 65"
  • WD-57833: MSRP-$3,399 | 57"
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