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The Mitsubishi WD-92840 is a top-of-the-line 92" DLP 3D HDTV similar to the Mitsubishi WD-82840.

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Built-in Bluetooth capability for connecting external audio devices.

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Brilliant aesthetic that features a very thin bezel around most of the screen.

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DLP rear projection technology offers up excellent contrast and deep black levels.

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PC-friendly connectivity--DVI and HDMI-to-PC connectivity for optimal performance.

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Built-in surround sound system sound excellent--clear, balanced with a broad sound stage.

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Very crisp, clear 3D performance with no shadowing or loss of focus.

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Wi-Fi capability requires a separate adapter something that should be standard at this price point.

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Glossy screen picks up reflections in bright conditions.

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The Mitsubishi WD-92840 is a top-of-the-line 92" DLP 3D HDTV similar to the Mitsubishi WD-82840. The sole difference between the two HDTVs is that the WD-92840 sports a much larger 92" screen as compared to the WD-82840's 82" screen. Otherwise, the two 3D HDTVs sport the same features, including Laser Light Engine technology, iOS remote control and Clear Contrast Screen technology.

The WD-92840's Laser Light Engine DLP technology provides enhanced colour reproduction that rivals that of LED-backlit LCD displays. Its iOS remote control function allows the WD-92840 to be controlled wirelessly by way of any iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod) that has Mitsubishi's remote app installed on it. Meanwhile, the WD-92840's Clear Contrast Screen technology provides it with enhanced contrast by way of deepened blacks and enhanced whites.


  • New cosmetic design
  • Built-in 3DTV
  • 3D emitter (DLP link & VESA jack)
  • Plush 1080p
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • 120Hz sub-frame rate
  • Advanced calibration mode
  • Digital audio out
  • Brilliant, bright, natural, and game modes
  • New Clear Contrast Screen
  • 16-speaker integrated IST
  • Center channel mode and surround channel outputs
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Sub-woofer output
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Dale Callahan
10/27/2011 07:39

What is the difference between the Mitsubishi L75-91 and the L75-94?


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