With the new Speedo Shine, you can focus on swimming and forget about tracking laps.

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Swimmers, it's time to Shine! With the new Speedo Shine, you can focus on swimming and forget about tracking laps. Speedo Shine's advanced proprietary lap counting algorithm tracks lap count with industry-leading accuracy, as validated by Speedo in-pool testing, and works for all stroke types. Sync with the Misfit app to display laps, swim distance, calories burned and points earned. Wear it in and out of the water as it also tracks walking, running, cycling, light and deep sleep. Waterproof to 50 meters and never requires charging. Speedo Shine provides one seamless experience! Made out of durable and beautiful anodized aluminum, it is extremely thin and comfortable. The new Speedo Shine comes in a unique Pure Silver color.

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One of a kind

Speedo Shine, developed by Speedo and Misfit, is a fitness, swim, and sleep tracker that is waterproof to 50 meters and has special swim tracking capabilities. Truly one of a kind, Speedo Shine tracks swimming extremely accurately, measures your all day activity and sleep automatically, never requires charging, and is the thinnest, sleekest device of its kind. It’s modular and wearable anywhere with a variety of stylish accessories.

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Extremely accurate

Speedo Shine tracks a swimmer’s lap count and swim distance with industry-leading accuracy and works for all stroke types. Speedo insisted on a high level of accuracy and provided additional testing support in its Aqualab.

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Not just for swimmers

In addition to swimming, Speedo Shine tracks walking, running, cycling, and more, and automatically tracks light and deep sleep. Extremely thin and comfortable, Speedo Shine was meant to be worn both in and out of the water. Speedo Shine syncs with the Misfit app for iOS and Android to show laps and swim distance, steps taken, and calories burned, as well as graphs and trends of activity and sleep over time.

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Expert approved

Speedo Shine is endorsed by elite Speedo athlete, fitness ambassador, and Olympic Gold Medalist Missy Franklin. “For many people, the most difficult part of swimming for fitness is keeping track of laps and Speedo Shine eliminates that challenge,” said Franklin. “With Speedo Shine, you can focus on getting the most from your water workout and it’s also a great looking accessory to wear.

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A seamless experience

Speedo Shine never requires charging since it runs off a basic watch battery that lasts 6 months—making activity, sleep, and swim tracking a seamless experience. Bluetooth sync directly with your phone—no dongles or computer required.

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Beautiful, new color

Speedo Shine is made out of durable aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and comes in a unique pale silver color, Pure.

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Wear it anywhere

Complementary to any attire, the device can be worn on the wrist or as a clip almost anywhere on the body. Each Speedo Shine comes with two sport bands, one white and one black, one clasp, and an Action Clip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to take the cover off to get the battery in?

    There is a small, round tool included with the MisFit packaging. Insert the tip of the tool into the small notch on the back cover (by the 12) and it should pop right off with no issue.

  • Does it have bluetooth?

    Yes, you get the details about your steps and sleep on your phone.

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