The Mio Moov R303 is a low mid-cost car GPS receiver.

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The Mio Moov R303 is a low mid-cost car GPS receiver. The text-to-speech function of this GPS receiver says the street names and precise directions out loud for you, so that you do not have to take your eyes of the road. The Lane Guidance feature of the R303 lets you know well in advance when turns or maneuvers are coming up, so that you can be prepared to make them smoothly. When you are going to unfamiliar territory, the R303 has four million Points Of Interest pre-loaded. These points of interest include the necessities: gas stations, hotels and restaurants. The NavPix Photo Navigation feature of the R303 allows you to see the destination you are headed to by means of geo-tagged photos. Though they have the exact same specs, the Mio Moov R303 and the higher cost R403 differ in terms of their touchscreen displays (the R403 has a 4.3 inch, 480x272 pixel touchscreen display, and the R303 has a 3.5 inch, 320x240 pixel touchscreen display).

  • 3.5" touchscreen display
  • 320x240 pixel display resolution
  • Text-to-speech function
  • Lane Guidance
  • 4 milion pre-loaded Points Of Interest
  • Pre-loaded maps of the U.S. (50 states and Puerto Rico)
  • NavPix Photo Navigation
  • On/Off reset
  • Device mount slot
  • Speaker
  • MioMore desktop software
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • 2 hours of battery life
  • Mini USB/power connector
  • Dimensions: 0.78" x 3.70" x 3.10"
  • Weight: 0.195 pounds
  • Windows CE 5.0
  • MioMap/Tele Atlas Map
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