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The Psycho is a slowpitch softball bat from Miken Sports.

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can use it in standard USSSA games

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gets extreme distance on the ball when you hit it right, easy to get a homerun

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sweet spot is fairly large, easy to hit with

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I have had this bat over 6 seasons and it AMAZING! Love this bat!! No complaints

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can miss the sweet spot and still get good travel on the ball

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good grip, can move it around in your hands but don't need to clench down on it to hang on

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nice balance when you pick it up, keeps you in control

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not very durable, probably won't last more than a single season

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The Psycho is a slowpitch softball bat from Miken Sports.  The bat features a 100% composite construction with R900 aerospace-grade carbon fiber, making it strong and durable.  It includes E-Flex technology which allows for maximum flex throughout the barrel to create a larger sweetspot.  The bat also utilizes Miken's Ballistic Crosslinked system for more elongation which improves barrel rebound and the resilience of the bat at impact.  The Psycho is available as the Psycho Flex with a balanced swing weight for increased bat speed or the Psycho Supermax with a supermax endloaded swing weight for increased distance.  It is designed with an extra-long 14.5" barrel that is 2.25" in diameter to provide extra power.  The bat also includes a premium synthetic leather grip with X-Tack coating on the knob for added control.  The Psycho is compliant with USSSA, ISA, and NSA standards but does not meet ASA requirements.

  • R900 Carbon Fiber
  • 100% Composite Construction
  • Dynamic Flex Ratio 250
  • Ballistic Crosslinked System
  • ESD Extended Sweetspot Design
  • Premium synthetic leather grip
  • X-Tack Coating
  • 14 ½" Barrel length
  • 2 ¼" Barrel diameter
  • Length/Weight: 34/26, 34/27, 34/28, 34/29, 34/30
  • USSSA, ISA, NSA Certified
Model Variations
  • Miken Psycho Flex - Balanced Swing Weight
  • Miken Psycho SuperMax - Supermax Endloaded Swing Weight
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