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The Freak DST is a slowpitch softball bat from Miken Sports.

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Very good line-drive performance, experienced hitters will find this easy

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Capable of hitting balls up to the highest allowed ASA speeds (98mph)

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Bat only gets better with use, lengthy break-in period

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Better drive control than comparably-priced bats, crisp and accurate strikes

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Higher maximum distance than many average bats

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Rather high price point for the typical softball player

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Relatively small sweet spot takes some practice

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The Freak DST is a slowpitch softball bat from Miken Sports.  The bat features a 100% composite construction which utilizes aerospace-grade fibers for strength and durability.  It includes Miken's DuraShell technology which coats the composite barrel to protect the outer shell.  The bat also utilizes a Multi-Layer Biaxial and MPa7 Resin system to increase the sweet spot and improve performance.  The Freak DST has Advanced InnerFlex technology which calibrates the handle flex based on the barrel design to increase the distance and ball speed.  It is designed with a 14.5" barrel that is 2.25" in diameter and has a premium synthetic leather grip.  The bat also includes X-Tack Plus technology for additional grip at the knob.  The bat is compliant with ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA standards and is available in a balanced or maxload design.

  • DuraShell Technology
  • Multi-Layer Biaxial Technology
  • MPa7 Resin System
  • Advanced InnerFlex Technology
  • 100% Composite Construction
  • Balanced or MaxLoad Design
  • Premium synthetic leather grip
  • X-Tack Plus Technology
  • 14 ½" Barrel length
  • 2 ¼" Barrel diameter
  • Length/Weight: 34/26, 34/27, 34/28, 34/30
  • ASA 2004 and USSSA 1.20 Certified, NSA and ISA Approved
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05/16/2012 09:22

this bat i got used and i ripped one into the stands my first at bat. my last at bat of the night just my 3rd use of it and i got me a grand slam, great hitting night for the miken and me.

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