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A canister vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleans tiles, hardwoods, rugs, and carpet. It has six settings.

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This vacuum cleaner is very lightweight, easy to maneuver, and very compact.

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The vacuum has great suctioning power.

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The vacuum runs very quiet.

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The hose doesn't swivel or rotate very easily.

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The length of the cord and the hose is too short.

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The handle is a little awkward when dusting.

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The Miele S2121 Olympus is a canister vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleans tiles, hardwoods, rugs, and carpet. It has six settings for varying the suctioning power. The Classic FiberTeQ tool has a toggle switch that transitions from carpet to smooth flooring. The electrical cord automatically rewinds. A dusting brush, a tool for upholstery cleaning, and a nozzle for crevices are included.

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  • Air Cleaning filter
  • Dusting brush
  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Retractable cord
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Using a toggle switch, the vacuum transitions from carpet to smooth surfaces.

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Six-Stage Suction

With a rotary dial, there are six settings for varying suctioning power depending on the surface being cleaned.

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Includes a brush for dusting, a tool for cleaning upholstery, and a nozzle for cleaning crevices.

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Telescopic, Stainless Steel Wand

The telescopic, stainless steel wand reaches an area up to 29.5 feet.

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Auto-Seal Closing FilterBag

The FilterBag automatically seals in dirt, allergens, and dust when it is removed.

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German Engineered

Miele vacuums are made to last up to 20 years.

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7 Year Motor and Casing Warranties

There is a seven year warranty on the vacuum's casing and motor.

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Two-Year Warranty

The Miele vacuum cleaners come with the Good Housekeeping Seal that offers a two year warranty.

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About Miele

Miele has been manufacturing vacuums since 1899. They make both upright and canister vacuum cleaners. They operate with a filtration system that improves the quality of the air.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the vacuum perform on shag carpet?

    It works great on shag or any other surface.

  • Is the wand an adequate length?

    The wand extends and retracts for an adjustable length.

  • Where are the vacuum cleaners made?

    They are made in Germany.

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