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The Miele W 4842 is a high-end front-loading washer very similar to the Miele W 4802.

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Clothes come out extremely clean, outperforms all lower price brackets

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Very little vibration on any floor surface and on maximum spin

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Higher variety of cycle settings options than many models of washing machines, allows for great customization for different fabrics

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Very quiet for a washer of this size, can easily be run at night

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Clothes wind up drier after spin cycle than typical front loaders

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Weight adds to durability, decreases shake

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Clean cycle times comparatively longer than many competitors' products

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The Miele W 4842 is a high-end front-loading washer very similar to the Miele W 4802. Like the W 4802, the W 4842 features a PC update function, touchtronic controls and a 4.0 cu. ft. capacity. Unlike the W 4802, however, the W 4842 features RemoteVision technology and a 24-hour start delay timer. Additionally, the W 4842 boasts a wider variety of wash programs than the W 4802, including 12 MasterCare wash programs, allowing it to more accurately handle any type of wash load.

The W 4842's PC update function allows the user to adjust internal parameters (water, electricity consumption) by way of computer while its touchtronic controls allow for easy-to-use, push-of-a-button operation. Its RemoteVision technology syncs the W 4842 up with your wireless network while also monitoring critical system elements. In the event of a malfunction, RemoteVision sends an automatic error report to Miele who will then contact your home immediately in order to send a technician over. The W 4842 also features a 24-hour start delay timer, which allows you to program the W 4842 to start at any time of day, even overnight so your wash is ready for you when you wake up.


  • 4.0 cu. ft. capacity
  • Touchtronic control system
  • PC update function
  • 12 MasterCare wash programs (Beach towels, Clean Machine, Comforters, Delicates, Denim/Jeans, Drain/Spin, Dress Shirts, Extra-white, Outerwear, Quick Rinse, Silk, Table linens)
  • 7 standard wash programs (Custom, Express, Handwash, Normal, Sanitize, Woolens, Wrinkle-free)
  • 4 cycle options (Extended, Heavy Soil, Sensitive, Buzzer)
  • 6 water temperature settings, 6 spin settings (0 - 1400 rpm)
  • RemoteVision technology
  • 24-hour start delay timer
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