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The Miele W 3039i is a high-end front-loading washer very similar to the Miele W 3033.

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reasonably quiet operation, you can hear it but it's quiet enough that you can have a conversation standing next to it

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fairly simple to work out with well organized controls

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good range of functions for any load type

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door latches solidly and is easy to open

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panel doesn't look very attractive, looks like a piece of industrial equipment

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capacity is pretty small, not right for a big family

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display is hard to read unless you bend over to look at it

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The Miele W 3039i is a high-end front-loading washer very similar to the Miele W 3033. The W 3039i and W 3033 share all the same functions and features, such as: a PC update function, advanced touchtronic controls and a hydraulic suspension. However, the W 3039i features an integrated design for a build-under, integrated installation but at the cost of some capacity; the W 3039i has a reduced capacity of 2.30 cu. ft. versus the W 3033's 2.52 cu. ft.

The W 3039i's PC update function allows you to adjust programming parameters, such as water intake or electricity consumption, with your home computer or laptop for an extremely customizable washing experience. Its advanced touchtronic controls make the W 3039i easy to use while still providing a high degree of functionality; its touchtonic control panel also displays information, like remaining cycle time, via an easy-to-read LED display. Additionally, the W 3039i's hydraulic suspension utilizes two solid cast iron cradles supported by four heavy-duty springs and two industrial strength shock absorbers, allowing for more rotations per minute without the added instability.


  • 2.30 cu. ft. capacity
  • Touchtronic control system
  • PC update function
  • 11 MasterCare wash programs (Beach towels, Delicates, Denim/Jeans, Drain/Spin, Dress Shirts, Extra-white, Outerwear, Quick Rinse, Pillows, Table linens, Express)
  • 6 standard wash programs (Custom, Handwash, Normal, Sanitize, Woolens, Wrinkle-free)
  • 4 cycle options (Extended, Heavy Soil, Sensitive, Buzzer)
  • 6 water temperature settings, 6 spin settings (0 - 1400 rpm)
  • RemoteVision technology
  • 24-hour start delay timer
  • Integrated, build-under design
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