Having a CB radio while traveling can be an invaluable tool for emergencies and for keeping up on road conditions.

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Having a CB radio while traveling can be an invaluable tool for emergencies and for keeping up on road conditions, and the Midland 75-820 40-channel handheld CB is one you should definitely consider. It comes with everything you need to get started in a hurry, including a battery pack for times you want to run the unit on six AA batteries and a cigarette lighter adapter for battery-free operation in your car.

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  • Portable CB radio with 40 CB channels, 10 NOAA channels, and 4 Watts of output power
  • Power with six AA batteries or included cigarette lighter adapter for mobile use
  • Instant access to NOAA Radio, channels 9 and 19; Dual Watch monitors channel 9 and additional channel
  • ANL (automatic noise limiter) and squelch control for improving reception and eliminating noise
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty
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Ultra-Portable CB and Weather Radio

40-Channel CB Radio

The 75-822 offers 40 separate communication channels, delivering the maximum CB communication range with 4 watts of output power.

Channel scan can automatically check all channels for activity, stopping on any active channel for five seconds. You can also store and instantly access up to five of your favorite channels in memory. When you flip on the device, a last channel memory feature will turn on the last channel you selected before powering off.

While communicating, a built in ANL (automatic noise limiter) improves reception for weak signals, and squelch control further eliminates background noise.

Weather Radio/Emergency Channel Convenience

The 75-822 features instant access to NOAA Weather Radio, for weather/hazard information in your area 24/7. Immediate access to emergency channel 9 and informational channel 19 is also provided. The Dual Watch feature lets you monitor channel 9 and another channel of your choice simultaneously.

Power With AA Batteries or Vehicle Power Port

You can power this unit with six AA batteries, complete with a battery life extender feature. To get even more from your batteries, high/low transmit power settings are provided (4 watts and 1 watt, respectively).

A mobile adapter is also included for powering directly from your vehicle's "cigarette lighter" power port.

Easy to Use

The 75-822 boasts a large, backlit multifucntion LCD display that's easy to read, day or night. A keypad lock feature "locks in" your preferred settings, so they aren't accidentally changed. The flexible antenna with BNC connector is easily removed for transport, and an external headset jack is provided for hands-free use.

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What's in the Box

  • Midland 75-822 Radio
  • AC Wall Adapter
  • Alkaline Battery Compartment
  • Rechargeable Battery Compartment
  • Mobile Adapter
  • Antenna
  • Documentation
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • So with the adapter, you can plug the radio into something and it will use your car antenna or some other antenna and get further range? How far?

    Range depends on the CB antenna used, and location. With just 5 watts, you could get 5miles if you were on the flatlands, or a desert. Out on the countryside maybe 3miles. In the city about a mile, maybe. If you use it inside the car with just the rubber duck antenna supplied, virtually nothing. You need a CB antenna mounted on the roof of your car. Cobra has a 36" magnet mount CB antenna that works very well. Model HG A1500. In addition, you can use a linear amplifier to increase range (though it's illegal, it's commonly used) An RM KL-30 would increase your output to about 30watts, this increasing the range. Good luck.

  • Does it have some kind of built-in mic or do you need to buy an external one?

    Built in mic. The whole think is essentially one big handset, like a big mic with all of the controls on it, with a line for 12v and one for the antenna coming out the bottom. An included battery pack and the rubber duck antenna turn it into a handheld. Just finished a road trip in a move from CA to TN, and this thing is great if you're a casual CB user.

  • Are there handle bar mounts for the radio for motorcycle?

    The only one I've found was was from J@M model PACB-409-15. And they have a high opinion of it. I slightly modified an ARKON mount with the small pouch. I cut down the belt clip to fit in the bracket on dry days and use the pouch on wet days.

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