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Windows Live is the branding of a set of services, similar in nature to the Google Apps.

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A well thought out and unified service for Microsoft loyalists

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Doesn't do anything more than Google Services, if as much

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Poor performance when accessed from mobile devices

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Does not play well with non-Windows OSes

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HOTMAIL does not support standard protocols like IMAP/POP3 and SMTP

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Feature-poor when compared with Google apps

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Does not work well in browsers other than IE

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Windows Live is the branding of a set of services, similar in nature to the Google Apps. The main page, at is the access site for all the other Live branded sites, as well as some of the older MSN-brand services, and HotMail. Windows Live for mobile devices is accessed through the same page.

Windows Live is also a part of the set of software services that includes Microsoft Office Live and XBox Live.

The web-based portion of Windows Live includes:

  • Account
  • Admin Center
  • Agents
  • Barcode
  • Betas
  • Calendar
  • Call
  • Contacts
  • Core (planned)
  • Events
  • Expo
  • Favorites
  • Feeds Platform (planned)
  • FolderShare
  • Gallery
  • Groups
  • Help Community
  • Home
  • Hotmail
  • Installed
  • Mail
  • Max (planned)
  • Message Boards
  • Messenger
  • IM Control
  • OneCare
  • OneCare Family Safety
  • OneCare Safety Scanner
  • Photo Gallery
  • Search Center
  • Service Center
  • Shopping
  • Silverlight Streaming
  • SkyDrive
  • Spaces
  • Toolbar
  • Translator
  • TV
  • Web Messenger
  • WiFi Center
  • Writer
Post Review
12/16/2007 02:13

The problem with a service like this is that it boils down to an advertising platform. Both dotMac and Windows Live are targeted at their respective user base, rendering them useless for those who use both, or need to sync with others.
And incompatibility is only a small part of it. The lack of a real userbase renders the software itself useless. Who wants a Windows Live 'Space' when they can get a MySpace or Facebook page?

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