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Windows Internet Explorer (formerly Microsoft Internet Explorer abbreviated MSIE) , commonly abbreviated to IE.

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Tabbed browsing

29 agree

Nice tab gallery browsing

14 agree

IE 7 runs very fast

10 agree

Uses less resources than Firefox

9 agree

IE 8 has improved performance

7 agree

Has Phising protection out-of-the-box

5 agree

Great to access Microsoft Outlook Web Access

5 agree

Simple to use

5 agree

InPrivate: A mode that leaves no history, cookies etc. behind

5 agree

IE8 has built in developer tools that is comparable to Firebug

3 agree

Useful (quick view) url coloring

3 agree

Good zooming in of webpages

2 agree

Version 8 handles web standards a lot better than older versions

2 agree

useful accelerators that save time

2 agree

Has XSS protection out-of-the-box

1 agrees
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third-party extension support

29 agree

requires Microsoft Windows

26 agree

Violates web standards.

26 agree


26 agree

Poor security allows malware and viruses to easily install from infected websites.

24 agree

in page search features

22 agree

Reviewed User Interface of Version 7 is flawed. Violates current paradigms & harder to use than previous versions

18 agree


17 agree

extremely poor performance on the ACID tests

13 agree

painfully slow compared to Safari and Chrome

12 agree

slow compared to firefox

11 agree

Violates web standards - webdesigners needs to create web pages and separate IE-pages

9 agree

Very significant compatibility issues between each major release

7 agree

Versions older than 8 heavily violate web standards causing a lot of problems for web community

4 agree

Impossible to uninstall completely from Windows

4 agree

Only runs on Windows

4 agree

A major entry point for viruses and malware.

4 agree

Upgrade from old outdated problematic (and evil) versions is not forced

3 agree

I have caught many viruses using this product by Micros**t. It has more holes than Swiss cheese.

2 agree
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Windows Internet Explorer (formerly Microsoft Internet Explorer abbreviated MSIE), commonly abbreviated to IE, is a series of proprietary graphical web browsers developed by Microsoft and included as part of the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems starting in 1995. The current version of Internet Explorer is 8.0.

After the first release for Windows 95, additional versions of Internet Explorer were developed for other operating systems: Internet Explorer for Mac and Internet Explorer for UNIX (the latter for use through the X Window System on Solaris and HP-UX). Only the Windows version remains in active development; the Mac OS X and UNIX version are no longer supported.

It has been the most widely used web browser since 1999, peaking at nearly 90% market share with IE6 in the early 2000s—corresponding to over 900 million users worldwide by 2006.

Though released in 1995 as part of the initial OEM release of Windows 95, Internet Explorer was not included in the first retail, or shrink-wrap, release of Windows 95. The most recent release is version 7.0, which is available as a free update for Windows XP with Service Pack 2, and Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 or later, and is included with Windows Vista. Versions of Internet Explorer prior to 6.0 SP2 are also available as a separate download for versions of Windows prior to Windows XP. An embedded OEM version called Internet Explorer for Windows CE (IE CE) is also available for WinCE based platforms and is currently based on IE6. Another Windows CE/ Windows Mobile browser known as Internet Explorer Mobile is from a different codebase and should not be confused with desktop versions of the browser.

Post Review
05/01/2009 05:01

BOOOOOO. Hiss Hiss.

01/09/2009 12:23

Most plugins are commercial and not open source which raises security concerns.

01/09/2009 12:22

Very rudimentary Tab feature - not enough space for tabs: Command bar is the only configurable toolbar sharing its space with the tab bar. No undo close tab.

05/17/2008 06:53

With the exception of tabs, most of the User Interface changes of version 7 are less usable than previous version and add confusion. E.g. Having one 1 history drop down and making the user think about whether an item is forward or backward. Putting the Home button in an unexpected place (right hand side of tab area) where it eats up much needed tab space. The stop button also in an unexpected and hard to reach place - not near the fwd/back navigation buttons. WWW3 and CSS2 standard compliance better but still needs improvement.

As an example, having "search in page" in a dialog box and no one-handed shortcut for repeated search is a glaring oversight, this behavior is copied straight from IE6 - this should be integrated like in firefox (e.g. slash, F3). A lot of commercial MS Products such as Office, Development Studio etc. have already implemented much friendlier search features, so it is not a question of reinventing the wheel but simply technology transfer into the browser market. I don't believe this feature was not added because it would be harder for a previous IE6 user to understand, but because Microsoft still doesn't seem to take the browser market seriously.

IE7 UI should be more customizable to make it user friendly. Built in Javascript debugging might be a nice feature for developers. A lot of the plugins are commercial and not free. SKin support would also be a nice addition that could have warranted a new version number.

Good features added are:

Built in customizable Search Engine Bar (copied from Opera / Mozilla)

Better security (some phishing and popup filters; copied from firefox)

Tabs  (at long last copied from all other browsers opera, mozilla etc).

It does not look like Microsoft put a lot of money or research in the development of this version, or adding new usability features, but sadly people who are locked in the MS world and haven't seriously compared other browsers probably think its great.

03/08/2008 03:38

I think IE is a horrible browser, IE 7 crashes alot on my computer, i hate it and wish i could uninstall it. (If anyone says this is biased, l will establish my credability as m$ fan boy, all my computers run windows and office, i couldn't live without windows mobile, and own a zune 30)

11/17/2007 11:14

Don't get me wrong, Firefox is still my browser of choice 99% of the time, but I can't help but open up the old IE7 when I want to browse quickly. Firefox needs to improve in that department.

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