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It is the current version of Microsoft Windows and the successor to Windows Vista.

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Improved memory management takes up less RAM than Vista

54 agree

Revamped taskbar that can combine running programs and hide labels - 3 options how it is done

46 agree

Better supported 64-bit architecture

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Able to change UAC security (rather than ON / OFF in Vista)

40 agree

Allows you to turn off fundamental Windows features such as Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer

38 agree

Better compatibility than Vista

33 agree

More secure than XP & Vista

32 agree

Improved support for wireless networking

32 agree

Runs on Netbooks (where Vista doesn't)

31 agree

Better looking interface than Vista & XP

29 agree

Aero visual style improved over Vista

27 agree

Multi-Touch support (inc. Gestures & Multitouch keyboard)

26 agree

Advanced troubleshooting architecture diagnoses and fix problems linked back to up to date help

26 agree

Ability to virtualise applications in XP environment (including interface)

24 agree

All features are installed from the get-go, so you don't have to always "install" a new service when you want it

23 agree

Runs well on lower end hardware such as netbooks

21 agree

Improved usability than Vista & xp

20 agree

Much faster bootup times

19 agree

Extremely stable

19 agree

Much more drivers are built in for newer and older hardware, requires less driver downloads to setup your machine

17 agree

Enhanced Tablet Support

15 agree

Better support for widescreen monitors

15 agree

Better power management and faster resume from standby

14 agree

Calculator includes built-in programmer & statistics mode, plus MPG, mortgage & car payment modes

14 agree

Much faster than XP and Vista

12 agree

Much faster login times

12 agree

built-in window placement docking

11 agree

Start-menu with smart search bar is very convenient

11 agree

Improved task bar with larger icons for ease of use, especially if you have bad eyesight

10 agree

much improved Media Center

9 agree

Better compatibility than Vista & XP

9 agree

Family pack pricing means you can buy 3 licenses for about $50 each (while available)

4 agree

volume mixer can control sound output for each application individually (centralized, from taskbar sound icon) - extremely convenient

3 agree

implements exFAT consistently, including ReadyBoost (exFAT is ridiculously fast!!)

2 agree

native TRIM support (ATA protocol enhancement for SSDs to prevent performance degradation)

2 agree

collection of cool multi-touch apps available as free download (Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7)

1 agrees

supports multiple flash drives for ReadyBoost (Vista only supports one)

1 agrees

running programs in both task bar and notification area can be reordered by dragging

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This is what Vista should have been, and we will get to pay for an 'upgrade'

40 agree

Seriously overpriced

30 agree

still #1 targeted os for viruses/trojans/phishers

22 agree

Abilioty to virtualise applications in XP environment available only on Professional and Ultimate edition

16 agree

Being able to use all of the new features requires high-end hardware.

12 agree

difficult to upgrade from XP

12 agree

Security System Still weak

11 agree

Expensive service pack to Vista that should have been released free.

9 agree

driver support same as vista - poor support, no legacy availability for older hardware

7 agree

Is made by microsoft

7 agree

still not full 64 bit support/ few 64 bit programs available

7 agree

Slower and less compatible than XP.

7 agree

many annoying security warnings and popups with default setup

6 agree

Idiot Linux Fanboys complain that it's still Microsoft.

5 agree

Still have to install programs

5 agree

Still has issues dealing with sleep/hibernate modes

4 agree

Really slow compared to Linux or Windows XP

4 agree

OS comes in 64 bit OR 32 bit version. If you buy one version, you are stuck with it.

4 agree

Random Program Shut-downs. No reason given from error messages

4 agree

Requires more RAM than XP

3 agree

Start-menu search doesn't work perfectly, will bring up the install exe instead of the installed exe

3 agree


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Display switch software doesn't work ok. Confuses my CRT Monitor with my Projector. No config options avaiable.

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Windows 7 (formerly codenamed Blackcomb and Vienna)is the current version of Microsoft Windows and the successor to Windows Vista. Microsoft has stated that it is "scoping Windows 7 development to a three-year timeframe", and that "the specific release date will ultimately be determined by meeting the quality bar."  The first public beta was released to the public on January 9th, 2009 and will expire August 1st, 2009, with a downloadable ISO available to the first 2.5 million people. The operating system was finally made available to the public on October 22nd 2009
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David J Hensley
12/05/2009 08:09

I'm on XP now but have played around with Vista. Think I'll stick to XP for now, until
I need a new computer.

11/17/2009 08:34

Does anyone know how it would run on a P3 with 256KB RAM?

10/23/2009 06:59
10/19/2009 04:48

I'm on XP and I'm STAYING on XP until the very last moment -- I'm talking 2015. I'm just not ready to switch yet.

10/16/2009 10:17

I've been using this since the public beta, and recently got a pre-release copy (actually 2, x86 & x64 versions) of the Professional edition through my college's MSDN-AA subscription. Windows 7 runs great on my netbook with only 1GB of memory, but on my higher powered desktop the OS really shines. As a person who's used OS X for the past 8 years or so (and loved it), it's not hard to tell that Windows 7 has taken some obvious cue's from Apple's OS -- but MS has improved upon everything before it for a better user experience.

The OEM version is a great deal if you can't get it for free. Worth the cash.

05/29/2009 10:04

@anon, not 100% true. I accidentally installed a plate of rotting meat as my operating system and the experience was perceptibly worse than Vista :)

03/12/2009 11:58

Couldn't be worse than Vista

03/09/2009 04:47

Funny how it works so very different from KDE

10/29/2008 04:59

Funny how it looks so similar to KDE.

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