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The successor to Microsoft's first video game console, the Xbox.

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Excellent online gaming support with Xbox Live!

75 agree

Broad selection of titles.

68 agree

Full 1080p HD gaming and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

60 agree

PC connection to play video and audio files (Windows XP Media Center or Vista)

52 agree

Large selection of games

50 agree

Great titles on Xbox Live! Arcade

50 agree

Xbox Live integration makes you feel connected with the community

43 agree

Sleek look.

37 agree

Can play HD-DVDs with an add-on sold seperately

34 agree

Optional installation of games to the hard drive works great

31 agree

New-Xbox Experience is a major upgrade to the console and breathes new life into it

29 agree

NetFlix streaming makes watching movies very convenient

27 agree

8-person party system really helps people play together and emphasizes the social aspect of the system

26 agree

HDMI output and DVD upscalling

20 agree

Community Games feature could be revolutionary

19 agree

Frequently breaks down, forcing you to wait three weeks for repairs. Sony sends you a new console in three days if something happens to your PS3.

15 agree

Easy to connect perheripals to such as a Guitar Hero guitar or microphones, without requiring a dongle

14 agree

Live's online presence and what freinds are doing/playing is sweet

13 agree

Camera makes a better experience for user

7 agree

never overheated or even got hot(for me) and it isn't loud and its in a quite confined space. (mine doesn't even over heat!!!)

7 agree
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Have to pay a subscription for online gaming (Gold subscription = $50/year)

72 agree

Very loud fans and disk drive

70 agree

Overheating issues.

54 agree

Prices of Xbox360 Marketplace items are steep

49 agree

Slow to fix and return broken consoles

42 agree

Games can be expensive ($60)

42 agree

limited backwards compatibility

42 agree

No HD-DVD drive is included, and it costs $200 to get one and even then it's still not built in. The PS3 has a built in Blu-Ray player.

40 agree

No Blu ray player / drive

40 agree

The Core System is a ripoff.

39 agree

The controller is the only one in all three consoles that has no motion sensing.

30 agree

NetFlix is limited to the United States

23 agree

Avatars are pretty lame

22 agree

Stability issues.

21 agree

The Xbox Franchise focuses on FPS and has a limited selection of other genres such as RPGS and Racing Games.

19 agree

Still uses a tray.

18 agree

No re-chargable battery pack supplied with controllers, need separate purchase

16 agree

Chunky design when compared to the other consoles.

13 agree

Currently no HDMI compatibility

12 agree

HDMI TV compatibility (no sound over HDMI) is now fixed

6 agree

Represented genres are sort of limited to FPSes and WRPGs.

5 agree

setup time 10 mins, game time 2 hours, repair time 3 weeks.

5 agree

Quality of community on Xbox Live leaves much to be desired compared to other online communities.

4 agree

Console only lasts 13 months. Warranty ends at 12

4 agree

Developers are forced to use DirectX instead of OpenGL, making games hard to port.

3 agree
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The successor to Microsoft's first video game console, the Xbox. The Xbox 360 expands upon the original's strong PC roots while being positioned as the complete center of media integration with many built in functions and a high level of Internet connectivity. The 360 is the first next-gen console in what Microsoft touts as the HD-Era, the seventh generation of consoles, which includes the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

With the Xbox 360 Microsoft has advanced graphical capabilities to the next-generation featuring a 3-core CPU from IBM and a new custom-built graphics card from ATi. Out of the three seventh generation console from a hardware perspective the 360 shares the most similarity to consoles in the sixth, there are no drastic changes to the controller, a standard DVD drive and the use of memory cards. One of the biggest changes that Microsoft made in its transition from Xbox to 360 is in removing the standard hard drive and making it optional. The Premium and Elite versions of the console come with a 20GB hard drive and 120G hard drive respectively, but the Core does not come with a hard drive at all.

While the hardware hasn't changed much aside from the graphical and processing capabilities, the 360 features a major advancement in its software, online integration, and other services such as iPod playback.

Xbox 360 Hardware

Wireless is common to all three seventh generation consoles. The 360 supports up to four connected controllers at the same time, these can be connected either wirelessly or wired through one of the three USB ports. Connecting to your LAN or the Internet is done through either the standard ethernet adapter, or optionally through wireless. You can use the official wireless adapter, which is the only adapter that connects through USB, or through an ethernet to wireless bridge.

DVD playback comes standard, and if you connect to a display through VGA or HDMI (Elite only) then the 360 will perform upconversion to high-definition resolutions.

Audio/visual output possibilities are very broad as the 360 supports composite, component, S-Video, VGA and HDMI. Both stereo and optical audio out are also supported. If you're using component, VGA, or HDMI outputs then high-definition resolutions are available with the built-in scaling chip performing the scaling options instead of your television. The standard resolutions of 720p and 1080i are supported, and with the latest firmware 1080p is possible. With a VGA connection a variety of non-standard resolutions are supported as well.

For backwards compatibility no Xbox controllers or peripherals are supported on the 360. Xbox games are compatible only through software updates which are automatically downloaded from Live if your Xbox 360 is connected to the Internet, or you can download a CD with the proper software and install the update manually (full details at Due to the nature of the emulated compatibility only a subset of Xbox games are properly working with updates to the list coming sporadically, the list of working Xbox games can be found on

Xbox 360 System Software

Access to all of the services and media functions that the Xbox 360 offers is accomplished through the Dashboard interface. Various options are categorized according to their function and placed inside of "blades" which can be "flipped" through.

Playback of digital media such as mp3s, videos and photos is accomplished directly from the Dashboard interface and allows playback from media stored on the 360 hard drive, devices connected through USB, and media streamed from networked computers. The 360 can also act as a Media Center Extender which enhances media functionality. In the future Microsoft has stated that the 360 will act as an IPTV set top box, working with various IPTV providers around the world.

Xbox Live is prevalent throughout the entire Xbox 360 experience as the Dashboard Guide can be brought up at any time through the press of the Guide button. From the guide you can interact with all of the people on your friends list, track your downloads, and play custom soundtracks. Both voice and text messaging are supported standard, and if you have the Xbox Vision Camera then you can also send video messages.

Xbox Live Marketplace is a feature similar to the Playstation Network Store and the Wii store. From the Marketplace you can download free playable demos, game and movie trailers, and gamer pictures and themes to customize the look of the dashboard.

Xbox Live Arcade is accessed from the Marketplace or through its own Dashboard blade and allows you to play classic games that have been upgraded with new features, or new games that have been developed solely for the XBLA service.

Available only in the United States with the promise of a worldwide release, the Xbox Live Video Marketplace was added in the fall of 2006. High definition and standard definition television shows and movies are available for purchase and playback. Television shows are owned and can be redownloaded an indefinite number of times with the same GamerTag, while Movies expire after 24 hours.

All Xbox Live Marketplace content is purchased through the use of Microsoft Points. Microsoft Points themselves can be purchased in 500, 1000, 1600, and 2000 segments at an exchange rate of $1.25US for every 100 points.

Xbox 360 Versions

The Xbox 360 is available in three different configurations, all with the same graphics and processing capabilities, the differences being mainly in some extra features and what comes in the box. Xbox 360s that are manufactured after July 4th, 2007 contain an HDMI port built-in, and cooler and quieter running hardware.

Xbox 360 Arcade ($199) - contains the Xbox 360 console, wired controller, 256MB memory, composite cables and no Hard Drive.

Xbox 360 20GB Premium ($279) - contains Xbox 360 console with chrome trim, wireless controller, wired headset, component/composite shared cable, 20GB hard drive. Discontinued. The drop to the $299 price is to clear stock and make room for the 60GB premium.

Xbox 360 60GB Premium ($299) - releases August 1st, 2008 contains everything from the 20GB premium except the included hard drive is larger at 60GB.

Xbox 360 Elite ($399) - released April 29th, 2007 the Elite version comes with a 120GB hard drive, is all black. A component and HDMI cable is included in the package.

Hardware Issues

Since launch the 360 has been plagued with complaints of shoddy hardware construction, resulting in a defect rate that some reports are putting as high as 25%. In 2006 Microsoft extended the original 90-day warranty to a full year making it equal to Sony and Nintendo's warranty periods. As of July 5th, 2007, the Xbox 360 comes with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty. The warranty is retroactive and any payments given to Microsoft to fix a console previously will be refunded.

Consoles manufactured after July 4th, 2007 contain chips based off of a 65nm process. This results in the console running at much lower temperatures. Reports indicate that a quieter DVD drive is included in these new versions as well. These consoles also ship with an HDMI port built in.

Post Review
11/22/2013 05:03

Hmmmm, I was browsing to find out more about its popularity, as I'm undecided:

Is this something to go by??

12/11/2009 10:45

I have only had my XBox for a few months. My only other current generation console is a Wii and though comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges, there are a few things about the polish of the Wii that make me frustrated with the XBox, mostly having to do with Live. The Wii Store feels so much cleaner and simpler to navigate, for one. Just signing up for Live is a nebulous task (what's worse, and this is my fault - at the end of it, it turned out I'd forgotten to log into my profile so I bought a Gold Membership for a brand new profile that doesn't have my achievements! GRR!)

The noise and heat coming off the XBox is intense but I love the option of installing games to the harddrive. Totally takes care of that issue.

When it gets down to it, I am more of a hard-core gamer than I'm in for novelty. As loyal to my Wii as I am, I find myself spending much more time with my XBox for its games. If only I weren't constantly afraid the Xbox is about to blow up or rip me off somehow. ;)

02/26/2009 12:00

The last update to XBE appears to have fixed the issue with HD TV's not having sound over HDMI (they were being recognized as monitors)

12/15/2008 06:28

Nice! Thanks for the heads-up. The price is comparable in Canadian on

This is particularly relevant since my subscription is up for renewal in January.

12/15/2008 05:37

FYI guys, you can get a XBL Gold sub. for $38 shipped from NewEgg.

11/26/2008 06:09

I love my Xbox 360. I got a custom lighted case for it (voids warranty) and a wireless remote control so its awesome. And since the NXE came out, everything is faster and there are a ton of new features.

11/19/2008 10:54

I just loaded up the NXE this morning, and all I have to say is that it is very SWEET. The interface is so much more fluid and responsive than then previous desktop. Also, everything appears clearer without being cluttered by the dash blades. It really does feel like I just bought a new console, and it's great to see Microsoft supporting their product like this.

I haven't had a chance to test out the new party system, but it's almost everything that I wanted from the friends feature. Being able to BE with a group of people no matter what games or activities you're playing is absolutely huge. Often times I'd be playing a game and my friends would hop on and start playing Call of Duty, and it'd just be a pain to coordinate our activities. Now we can just hop into a party and then coordinate and sync up all the while just talking to each other.

A special note on the hard drive installs... they really add a lot to the experience. Or rather, they kind of make up for the 360's shoddy hardware. My disc drive is on the fritz and I often get dirty disc errors. So the noise is 5x as bad as usual, and the loading takes twice as long as other people's 360s. So the difference that I've experienced is extremely significant to say the least.

Now, this update isn't going to make a Wii-person become a 360 fanboy/girl, but it really solidifies 360 affinity for people that already own one.

09/08/2008 11:56

I'm curious why so many people disagreed with the con that this thing frequently breaks down? It's pretty much standard with a 360 to wonder when and not if it will break down when you own one.
I'm not bashing at all. I like the console and it has some really cool games, but the onslaught of fanboys can sometimes make articles like this less "unbiased / objective" as they should be.

07/01/2008 02:52

Has been out for a year and a half, and only has one must have game: Gears of War.

06/27/2008 09:52

Could we get a thread up about this price drop?

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