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Microsoft's first entry into the video game hardware market.

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Can be easily softmodded to run XBMC.

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Significantly cheaper than current generation of consoles.

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Xbox Live trumped the competition's alternative online systems.

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Games cheap now, second hand or some unused around the net

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Can always be used as a Media Centre as it's easy to rip CDs

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Huge backlog of exclusive games (Halo, Ninja Gaiden, Star Wars KOTOR)

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Was some playable titles when it was in its peak

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You can mod this big black b**** and make it run XBMC.

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Outdated and unsupported in favour of Xbox 360.

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Never going to be a new game made

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Looks ugly and big

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Prone to hardware malfunctions

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Microsoft's first entry into the video game hardware market. The Xbox has reached moderate success worldwide but at a heavy cost. Though popular in the US, sales in japan have been lackluster. By following these instructions, the Xbox can relatively easily be modified to run Xbox Media Center (XBMC), media software able to play and stream audio, video, and photos. In 2005 the Xbox was succeeded by the Xbox 360.

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07/21/2009 03:37

I had a lot of fun with my Xbox, even though I was initially sceptical. Unfortunately it ran into a lot of disc-reading problems a couple years after I got it. This may have been because I got it pretty much when it first came out, before Microsoft could fix some of the bugs with the first editions. It would have been fantastic to have an extra year or two with it - I missed out on Halo 2 by a couple of months.

Thus from my own experience, I give the Xbox two thumbs up as a console, but warn that there could be hardware problems.

02/21/2009 08:41

I bought this for Halo 2. And it ended up being one of the best purchases ever because of XBMC. And caused me to buy a 360 for Halo 3. Which got me into Xbox Live. Microsoft just keeps taking my money.

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