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Racing games are mostly played the same way that others games are played, with a controller.

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Increases racing game immersion

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Works out of the box

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Solid force feedback feel

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Can run off AC adaptor or batteries.

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Nice aesthetics.

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Two mounting options.

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Can be difficult to setup/mount

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Requires battery pack software update to connect 4 racing wheels to the Xbox 360

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Packaging is overly elaborate

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Not completely wireless.

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Racing games are mostly played the same way that others games are played, with a controller. However, for people who are hardcore about the racing experience and want as authentic of a driving feeling as possible, a controller is a poor substitute. The Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel seeks to appease the hardcore driving fan's need for authenticity. Similar to the normal Xbox 360 controller, the wheel connects to your 360 wirelessly. The 360 wheel competes with Logitech's Driving Force Pro, and the G25 wheel, though those two wheels are currently unsupported on the 360.

Inside the wheel are two rumble motors, and a force-feedback mechanism. The rumble motors shake the wheel to simulate bumps and grinds, while the force-feedback mechanism is one of the core features of the wheel. Force-feedback is a suit of software and hardware technologies that provide a far more accurate simulation of the driving experience. In the real world the steering wheel of a car can behave differently depending on the situation, sometimes it's difficult to turn the wheel, or the wheel will turn by itself, etc. Force feedback replicates these behaviors.

The wheel comes with an AC adapter, and while the wheel isn't plugged in then only the rumble motors are activated, giving the wheel the same amount of battery life as a normal 360 controller. With the AC adapter plugged in the force-feedback system becomes activated. A clamp that screws onto the wheel and is able to hold onto a table or other object is provided. The pedals consist of a gas and brake pedal that is connected to the wheel itself through a wire. Transmission consists of paddle shifters that are located on the wheel itself.

As the wheel is considered a wireless controller, it is then able to work on your computer, such as all wireless Xbox 360 devices, through the Xbox 360 wireless receiver.

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11/01/2011 03:14

i got the same 1 at the hawk shop where im from and payed 30 dollars thats a steal

12/07/2007 11:35

ok thanks so basically u plug it in the wall for it 2 charge and get force feedbak n do u get the power cord

12/06/2007 04:41

It's referring to plugging in the AC Adapter to the wall. The force feedback is activated when it's plugged in to a power outlet. Otherwise, you only get the rumble motors.

12/06/2007 04:30

in this article it says it can be plugged in is that 2 the 360 or the wall

07/08/2007 09:05

Without the update you cannot connect multiple Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheels. You CAN connect up to 4 Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheels. Microsoft has released a battery pack software update to fix the problem. It and the update information can be ordered for free and found here: It takes about 5-6 days to receive. Enjoy, and you will have to return the pack back to MS via the included return shipping materials.

11/24/2006 02:51

Adapter? You shouldn't need any adapter. The Wheel is just like any normal 360 controller it should have a sync button and a home button. Connect it to your console the same way you would a normal 360 controller.

11/24/2006 02:41

hello, could somebody tell me what adapter i need to hook 2 Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Whees l to my XBOX 360. contact me at thanks

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