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Microsoft Surface is a member of what Microsoft calls the "Surface Computing Platform".

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Multi touch interface allows for more functions and users.

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Innovative design and user experience

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Probably incredibly expensive

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Only Wireless b/g, not N, and not gigabit ethernet.

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Currently only for restaurants, hotels, etc.

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Microsoft Surface is a member of what Microsoft calls the "Surface Computing Platform". It is Microsoft's first commercially available product in this category. Surface is a 30" touchscreen tabletop that can be used for a multitude of purposes, such as photo organizing, syncing with other electronics, drawing, virtual concierge applications such as direction and restaurant finders, and games.

The touchscreen interface of the Microsoft surface works in various ways:

  • Direct Interaction - Users "grab" things and move them around. This is basically clicking using one finger.
  • Multi Touch - Allows more than one finger to use the surface at once, by recognizing more than one touch at a time, unlike most other touch screens. This allows for addtional functions, for example, dragging the corners of a picture to enlarge or shrink it.
  • Multi User - More than one person can use Microsoft surface at once, because of the large tabletop and the Multi Touch interface.
  • Object Recognition - When objects can be placed on the surface to trigger certain functions, such as graphics, and transfer of digital content using Bluetooth, and possibly RFID.

Microsoft Surface runs Windows Vista, has a 10/100 ethernet port, and built in Wireless b/g, and Bluetooth 2.0. It is 22 inches high, 21 inches deep, and 42 inches wide. By the end of 2007, people will be able to use the Microsoft Surface in hotels, restaurants, and other public areas. Microsoft Surface is expected to cost $10,000.

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11/20/2008 07:10

I went and saw this thing at a Seattle Sheraton Hotel and became bored with it for what it did in just a few minutes thinking for what I did on Surface I would have been done in far faster time on a cell or iPhone or a laptop. Then I came home and looked at what other companies are doing and see that Dell has a similar technology in one of its laptops by a company called N-Trig. N-Trig has it made really and you don't need this huge heavy table nor the ridiculous Microsoft cost. It works with any laptop and is just as much fun and no doubt can be rigged for a large flat TV/Computer far smaller and lighter than Microsoft's Surface. Come on Microsoft - you can do better than this!

10/07/2007 11:20

I thought this Web site had some interesting reviews, but I got turned off at the con that simply says: "Microsoft". Just because Microsoft makes the product doesn't mean it's going to be bad. Such superficial comments are not good for the site's credibility.

08/31/2007 04:21

I cant wait to play with it first hand.

08/23/2007 01:02

I love thissssssssss........

08/16/2007 12:45

I have always wanted to design a room with something like this. But I want to have all 4 walls + ceiling to be these types of screens (not necessarily touch) but controllable by hand movements and gestures. I hope to build a room like this with 5 linked projectors and something like the Nintendo PowerGlove... How freeqin cool was that thing?? Exactly, Crazy Cool..

08/15/2007 02:15

I agree. The parody video is hilarious and, actually, very poignant. I recommend watching the official teaser first, then the parody.

08/15/2007 12:52

I like the parody video.

08/15/2007 12:51

Interesting. I can see this being successful in the retail/restaurant/service industry. Great for turnkey self-service kiosks.

08/15/2007 12:52

A possibly more realistic description of Microsoft surface can be found here.

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