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The stylish, minimalist design of the Wedge Touch Mouse will allow you to be productive anytime, anywhere.

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Compact design

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The stylish, minimalist design of the Wedge Touch Mouse will allow you to be productive anytime, anywhere in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Wedge Touch Mouse works great with Windows 8 and the new horizontal scrolling experience on the Start Screen and in documents.

Wedge Touch Mouse features a touch sensitive surface that responds to one finger touches differently depending on where they contact the surface. Stroke with one finger vertically or horizontally to scroll. Press your left finger for "Left click". Press your right finger, while slightly lifting your left finger, for "Right click".

Wedge Touch Mouse is the perfect companion for your laptop or Windows 8 tablet when you're on the go.

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  • 4-Way touch scrolling for navigating up, down, left and right
  • Works on virtually any surface with Blue Track Technology
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity - no transceiver required
  • Conserves battery power - When your PC or tablet is shut down or hibernating, the mouse goes into "Backpack Mode"
  • Optimized for Windows 8 navigation
  • Works with most tablets and laptops
  • Design is suitable for use with either hand
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Four-Way Touch Scrolling

  • Scroll vertically AND horizontally
  • Flick up, down, and side to side to navigate
  • Scroll slowly with a gentle swipe
  • Scroll quickly with a flick of the finger, then tap to stop
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • True touch to click or do you have to depress it to click?

    The mouse responds to touching when you move your fingers up, down or sideways of course... If you want to click you have to press either the left or right button. This pressing does not require much strength though, it repsonds to the lightest of pressures and is, as such, not comparable to the "ordinary" mouse.

  • Does this mouse have a "scroll wheel click and drag" function?

    There is no scroll wheel. The top of the mouse acts like a track pad so you click and hold and move another finger to operate it. It is kind of a track pad/mouse hybrid.

  • Is this bluetooth mouse work for window 8.1?

    Yes it does. However, you should be aware that, with at least some Microsoft Surface Pros, the bluetooth function cripples the WiFi to the extent that it becomes useless.

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