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It is an ergonomic, multi-touch mouse released for Windows 7 as a competitor to Apple’s notorious Magic Mouse.

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ambidextrous design - can be used for both right and left handed individuals

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uses standard, easy to find, charge and replace AA batteries

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slick aesthetic - sleek no-button design doesn't sacrifice functionality

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BlueTrack tracking - very accurate, works on more surfaces than laser and optical systems

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built-in storage slot for the wireless USB dongle

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intuitive and easy to use touch functions such as scrolling, back and forward

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high price point - $10 more than the Magic Mouse

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only compatible with Windows 7

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forward/back thumb gestures often not working

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often interprets the "presence" of thumb as forward/back button gesture - annoying

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not for gamers

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can't right-click unless left-click finger is released from mouse surface

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The Microsoft Touch Mouse is an ergonomic, multi-touch mouse released for Windows 7 as a competitor to Apple’s notorious Magic Mouse. Unlike its predecessor from 2010, the “touch” Windows Arc Touch, the “multitouch” Windows Touch Mouse features a “matrix of capacitive touch-sending electrodes” that function like buttons. It supports inertial and sideways finger scrolling, thumb swiping, flicks, pinch-to-zoom, and panning. In addition, the Microsoft Touch Mouse relies on BlueTrack technology, which means it can be tracked on virtually any surface—carpet, wood, etc. And since it’s wireless, it comes with a nano-sized 2.4GHz USB receiver. Plus it’s designed for ambidextrous use.

  • Multi-Touch Mouse
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Ambidextrous Use
  • Natural Gestures (Snap, Navigate, Control)
  • Scroll/Swipe/Flick
  • Pinch-to-Zoom
  • Panning
  • Bluetrack
  • Wireless USB Receiver
  • Windows 7 ONLY
Post Review
12/19/2011 08:42

After working with this mouse for a couple of months, I can't really recommend it to demanding users. It really needs a software update. I won't return it only because it was still an upgrade over what I had earlier.

09/08/2011 09:38

I got this mouse now. Really nice! I don't have issues like other people wrote about. I kind of wish there were some sensitivity settings to play with, but it's great to use out of the box. I'm sure they'll make tweaks later to enable customizations.

08/19/2011 12:02

does anyone own this mouse yet? I've heard some bad/mediocre thing about it, but in Microsoft's videos it looks all great of course....

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