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The Microsoft SideWinder Mouse is a mouse designed for fast and reliable performance for gamers.

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easy to modify it for comfort and preference

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excellent reaction times, no noticeable lag at all

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side buttons are stacked for easy use, very comfortable

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very precise, with changeable DPI levels to get the best performance out of your individual system

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support for multiple profiles and different games

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has a solid feel, doesn't flex or creak under your hand's weight

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feels a little too big for some people

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higher than average price for a mouse

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The Microsoft SideWinder Mouse is a mouse designed for fast and reliable performance for gamers. The shape of the mouse is designed for better handling to improve control and speed. The mouse can be switched between 400, 800 and 2000 dpi on the fly to improve compatibility with different games and applications. A built-in LCD enables quick macro recording to reduce interference with the on-screen display, and the advanced gaming software enables macros and profiles to be programmed for different games. A cable anchor is included to ensure that the cable doesn't affect control of the mouse. The scroll wheel is wide and made of metal for a better feel and easy response for clicking. The side buttons are mounted vertically to avoid inadvertent clicking. 4 weights are also included that can be added or removed to give the device the preferred weight.

  • Shape Designed for Handling
  • On-the-Fly DPI Switching - Three buttons instantly switch between 400, 800, and 2000 dpi
  • First-Ever LCD Display on a Mouse
  • Cable Anchor + Accessories Storage Box
  • Quick Launch Button - One-touch takes you to Games Explorer in Windows Vista
  • Device Stage
  • 5 Programmable Main Buttons
  • Advanced Gaming Software
  • Engineered for Speed
    • RESOLUTION: 2000 dpi
    • IMAGE PROCESSING: 7080 frames per second
    • MAX SPEED: 45 inches per second
    • USB REPORTING: 500 Hz
    • GLIDE: 3 sets of different mouse feet (for glide preference)
    • BUTTONS (Left/Right): 9 million clicks
  • Replaceable Mouse Feet
  • Wide Metal Scroll Wheel
  • Vertical Metal Side Buttons
  • Adjustable Mouse Weights
  • 3 Year Warranty
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