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The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is a wireless BlueTrack mouse that hosts a dual flat/curved design.

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can be flattened out for easy storage when not being used or taken on the go

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uses Microsoft's BlueTrack sensor technology - more sensitive than laser based devices, can be used on a larger variety of surfaces

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automatically turns off when flattened out and vice versa - saves users time, battery life of the device

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beautiful minimalist aesthetic

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made for use on the go - lightweight, small and easy to store

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touch sensitive scroll panel with haptic feedback

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uses and comes with a miniature USB transmitter - compatible with any computer

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poor size, weight and ergonomics for long-term desktop / workstation use

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high price

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lacks the buttons / functionality of other mice in its price point

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not Bluetooth - takes up valuable USB port real estate, especially on a laptop

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The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is a wireless BlueTrack mouse that hosts a dual flat/curved design. It can be collapsed into a flat position for easy storage, and then later pulled into an ergonomically designed arced position. Featured are two flat mouse buttons and, more importantly, a capacitive touch strip with sensor pads between them. The touch strip functions like a scroll-pad and even includes haptic feedback to simulate the experience. Additionally, the Arc is designed mainly for Windows use (though it supposedly works on the MacBook Pro), as it can be customized via Windows-based software. This includes setting up tricks like double-tap to launch an application, or scroll fast for hyperfast scrolling.

  • Wireless Mouse
  • Bluetrack Technology (Any Surface)
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Technology
  • Nano Transmitter
  • Two Flat Mouse Buttons
  • Capacitive Touch Strip w/Sensor Pads
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Customizable via Windows
  • Limited Macintosh Compatibility
  • Two AAA Batteries (Six Month Lifespan)
  • Two-Color Battery Life Indicator
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
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